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NBCMiami.com has a crush on WSVN

Photoshopped NBCMiami Logo
Photoshopped NBCMiami Logo

NBCMiami.com apparently has a big ol’ crush on WSVN. Then again, who doesn’t; remember that WSVN is sexy, and seduces you. But for an NBC affiliated “news” website, they sure link to WSVN a lot. Take a look at all the mentions they’ve gotten on NBCMiami.com. You decide: Crush? Bro-mance?

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  1. Its not surprise SVN gets a lot of credit when it comes to news, yesterday morning during breaking news coverage of the Coral Gables High, LTV 23’s web site; cited SVN on the first report this station used.
    I remember somewhere a police officer saying the’re always hooked on 7 so they can know what’s going on in south florida when it comes to breaking news, and its not a shocker, ‘cos almost 50% of some public places with a tv monitor have SVN on their sets.


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