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Dave Aizer Pranks Food Network Show


Found this via the Broward New Times.

The last four contestants from ‘The Next Food Network Star’ competition recently paid a visit to Miami and each of them filmed a cooking segment with WSFL anchor Dave Aizer. Except that the cooking segments were set up to test how each contestant handles unexpected issues while the cameras are rolling.

The first contestant found out that instead of catfish she’d have to prepare chicken. There were no utensils save for a knife so she ends up having to use her bare hands. The second contestant is introduced by Dave as Debbie instead of Melissa, and she has to listen to how much he hated olives. Dave even took the liberty of adding hot sauce to her dish! The last two contestants had to deal with timing cues and technical issues.

I have to say I am disappointed, I hoped for more nefarious pranks. Like maybe dropping that Nickelodeon goo on the contestants as they prepared the food? Big Youtube moment for sure but the Food Network people would’ve been mad. WSFL would have gotten tons of free press though.

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  1. I was looking at this for about a nanosecond and then realized it was a. Dave Azier and b. it was the CW…and remembered that no one cares!

    “Whaaaaaaaat’s up S F L ???”

    This show has issues.


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