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Did Sunbeam Cave? Leno Back at 10pm on WHDH


So Ed Ansin reversed course and WHDH will be airing Leno’s new show at 10pm come September. It’s not quite clear why exactly the reversal happened. NBC of course is quite giddy about it and Ansin’s statement doesn’t give off any hints.

“Upon further consideration, we have decided to telecast Jay Leno at 10 p.m. starting in September,” the station owner Ed Ansin said in a statement. “Jay is from Andover where I went to school. I enjoy his humor. We hope the new show is a big success.”

There was an article in one of the Boston papers, about Sunbeam’s decision to dump Leno in favor of a newscast, that briefly mentioned WHDH bosses were surprised about the reaction from what I presume were angered viewers.

So we can guess perhaps somewhat correctly that the reconsideration might not be because NBC scared Ed Ansin, but rather viewer reaction had something to do with it. And maybe those weasels at NBC offered their heads on a platter to Ed Ansin if the show bombs and kills his 11pm newscast?

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if all the whining about how dare WHDH dump local boy would translate into people actually tuning in and watching.


  1. That is true. EVery single person in Boston better friggin watch it now! And, I think you have it pegged. I’m sure that NBC worked a deal with him that if it bombs that he can reorganize as he sees. He wouldn’t just simply give in.


    Belkys and Reed doing the news tonight now this I am enjoying.I hope these 2 show out on the kids tonight. However I find it funny that if this was local 10 and Charles was off they would simply have Laurie by herself. LOL, That amazes me how cheap they are and we have sports anchors doing the news and main anchors doing the weekends. Thats Local 10 for and it’s JUST NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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