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DTV Delay?


We’re only six weeks before the big DTV switch, but thanks to President-elect Barack Obama, there may be a small delay.  Barack Obama is asking Congress to consider a delay.  John Podesta said the government funds to support the change are “woefully inadequate” and said that the digital switch date, Feb. 17, should be “reconsidered and extended.” 

From The New York Times:

“Echoing concerns from consumer groups, Mr. Podesta said that the Obama transition staff has found major difficulties in the transition, which was authorized by Congress in 2005. On Feb. 17, stations are scheduled to cease their analog transmissions and broadcast only in digital form, requiring consumers without a digital-ready TV who rely on over-the-air signals to install converter boxes.”

So we’ll see, but February 17th is right around the corner.

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  1. With the President-Elect lobbying congress for 11th hour legislation in delaying the DTV transition… I’d like to see the transition being post-poned until early 2010. That way, buying TV viewers more time to receive the discount coupons, toward the purchase of converter boxes. TV viewers that otherwise CAN’T afford cable/satellite TV services, or can’t afford to purchase a newer television set. Just my opinion.

  2. Delaying the transition is moronic. You could delay it a hundred years and still find people who aren’t ready. The FCC and local television stations have done just about everything possible to let viewers know what’s going on. Anyone who doesn’t know about the upcoming transition has been living under a rock. Besides, anyone who wakes up Feb 17 and realizes he can’t watch TV will no doubt very quickly figure out how to rectify the problem. Let’s get this transition over with already!

  3. I have to agree with Murrow. It makes more sense to me to push aggressively toward that deadline with a ramped up supply of the converter boxes, and more promotions to get people the boxes for free or at a nominal fee.

    Times are tough, but I think I will slit my wrists if I hear more of those “the switch is on” commercials after February!


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