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Grape Stomping Reporter Gets Animated


Remember her?

Well thanks to the folks on Family Guy, she’s now animated. Came across this video on youtube the other day.

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  1. I’ve seen it before on YT myself, but I feel so bad still for the reporter who fell of the platform and hurt herself. I’m sure that she and WAGA Fox 5 are ready to sue Fox.

  2. “Family Guy” is no stranger to controversey. Despite WAGA (FOX 5 Atlanta) being a FOX O&O, that episode was very inappropriate.

    I don’t particularly care for this animated comedy series. I find some of the jokes written into this show to be very tasteless, degrading, and insulting. That’s not funny at all… that news reporter really did get hurt, from falling off the platform.

  3. Eric needs to get over himself. If this had happened to me, I’d laugh about it myself afterwards. Regardless of if I got hurt. I posted a video of myself on YouTube falling on my head while playing basketball. It is hilarious!

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you shouldn’t be laughing at all.

    And Family Guy is one of the most high brow, satirical shows on TV today. Just because you can’t recognize that fact shows that you don’t “get” the jokes.


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