On the heels of husband Mike Marza leaving WSVN, now it’s WFOR CBS4 News morning anchor Rhiannon Ally’s turn. Ally signed off Channel 4 yesterday morning.

Her husband, Mike Marza moved on earlier from WSVN, and already co-anchors the main newscasts at Kansas City’s NBC affiliate KSHB where he interned, reported, and anchored several years ago. Both he and Rhiannon are area natives, Ally told CBS4 viewers they decided to return home to be closer to family


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  1. Brian Andrews, Summer Knoles, now Ally all hitting the exit. Quite candidly I never thought she was personable and actually had the persona of eletist, just the opposite of her co anchor. Hope they do a national search because who they have put on the air have been weak.
    They remind me of my little sisters, not news anchors. I wish Ally well.

  2. They should throw a truck load of money at Kristi Kruger over at 10 for Ally’s replacement. She is the most likable and competent anchor over there. All the clowns on the air over there she is
    the true professional and can see the ratings sinking with some low quality hiring they have made
    just to save a buck. Half the time someone doesn’t even show up for their morning news show.
    Hope they get her unless she has a non competition clause in her contract.

    • I’ve got to agree with the positive comments about Kristi Krueger. She was filling in for Jacey Birch this week on Ch 10 and the entire newscast was just SOOOOO much better. She has a soothing, professional delivery vs the whiny, nasal, annoying Birch.

      She would be a great asset to Ch 4, or any other station.

      • I agree. They just can’t get it right over there at 10 for their morning news. Birch for a report, good. Birch grating voice for 2 hours, no. And how could they lose Jason Martinez, who was excellent, and stick the public with that Yutsey. Just a few short years ago they, Calvin, Kristi, Scott, were on top with a 7 rating in the morning.. Now they have to look up to see bottom for ratings. Kristi was the true draw being so easy in front of camera.

  3. That would be strange seeing Kristi at CBS4. I’ve lived in South Florida for 17 years, and Kristi has been at Local 10 that entire time. And you know WPLG would hang a 6-month non-compete on her if it came to that.

    Lauren Pastrana is doing a decent job filling in, but I don’t see her keeping it long-term (though I did enjoy seeing her nice legs on the Dogs in the City segment yesterday) 🙂

    Ultimately, I think CBS4 will get someone from outside. I wouldn’t mind Sharon Tay who is currently the weekday AM anchor at the KCBS/KCAL duopoly in L. A. However, she is in her late 40s, and probably CBS4 wants someone younger.

  4. Ally was doing a great job in Miami and I don’t know why they did not put her at the 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm hour they picked Irika . Irika was great too but why not promote the one that is already here and great. Now they lost both. Not a good move channel 4.

  5. Wow…
    I’m amazed at how many people care…
    I approach the local news (channels 4,6,7 & 10) from a how they cover, investigate Miami Dade government and police conduct.
    Channel 10, I like. Not crazy about 4 or 7. Absolutely hate Nespral and 6 coverage’s of local stories.
    Who are the people hiring at these stations? What are they’re qualifications???


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