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WFOR Goes Outside for Rhiannon Ally Replacement


WFOR announced today Rudabeh Shahbazi will be joining CBS 4 News This Morning as co-anchor, replacing Rhiannon Ally who left recently. Shahbazi was most recently a multimedia journalist and fill-in anchor at KABC in Los Angeles.

A quick search on Shahbazi turned up a few interesting tidbits about her. She has a master’s degree from the University of California, Berkley Graduate School of Journalism and received her undergraduate degree in journalism at Pepperdine University. She’s of Iranian heritage, born in Germany but grew up in Oregon. She was educated in England, Costa Rica and California and interned for the National Geographic. Rudabeh is fluent in English and Farsi, and conversational Spanish.

And a little trivia if you’re curious, the most likely meaning of her name is shining child. Its origins trace back to Persian mythology where the mother of the mythical Persian hero Rustam was named Rudabeh.

Look for Rudabeh Shahbazi to make her first on-air appearance on WFOR CBS 4 News August 3.

And here is a sample of her work while at ABC

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  1. Hope this gets them back in the game. Since we have to guess about ratings it looks like 7 is still on top especially since they added Ashley and the harmony is back. Pam at 6 with their new co anchor,
    a solid 2nd. This hire should make 4 a contender. 10 is dead last with their revolving door and personell not showing up for their time slot. Sorry, but it is going to be next to impossible to remember or pronounce this new anchor’s name, Ruhdabeh Shahbazi. BOL.

  2. Wonder if Ruhdabeh will “anglicize” or otherwise adjust her name to make it more pronounceable. There is precedent (Mike Marza (Marauz)) and I think Erika Delgado’s real name is some unpronouncable Spanish name beginning with a “A” (I was looking at her facebook once, and there was a reference to an Erika A——————. I looked on that page, and it was definitely her, main pic was her standing at the weather board at ch. 6. Probably her private page.

    • Ditto. Viewing her debut right now and she seems like the total package. Went over to other stations and half the on air regular personalities did not even show up at channel 10. Hard to believe
      they use to be on top.

  3. Even ignoring how ridiculous it is to have two Asian co-anchors in this market, I must dissent: I found her skittish and unpolished, over-dressed and over-primped as if she was joining the Channel 7 Silicone Squad–and it was very obvious that Walter and (especially) Lissette were not happy with her presence. Just another cross-country transfer to an O&O for “talent” that the network had no real use for.

  4. Los Angeles lost a great anchor woman. You guys in Miami gained a great personality. Rudabeh is a famous here in LA. Good luck Rudabeh.

  5. I think you should hire local talent who are in the market to advance their lives here in Miami. Why does everyone want some person from Iran really in today’s world more support for our enemies.just so you know Isis and Talaban. As Well as nukes


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