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WPLG’s Ross Palombo Heads For San Francisco


Add Ross Palombo to the list of on-air staff leaving the Miami market. The former WPGL Local 10 news investigative reporter landed a weekend anchoring gig at KTVU, the FOX affiliate in San Francisco recently. In addition to that he’ll also serve as a political and investigative reporter for the weekday newscasts.

Palombo had been with WPLG Local 10 for five years having joined back in 2010. The good thing is he’s leaving with fond memories of his time down here, not the least of which is all that Emmy hardware he acquired while here, we counted 7 of them in 2014 alone.


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    • Dont know why I am defending this guy, but….My first nasty reply EVER. You are an ignorant bigot! He wasnt well liked? Who did you talk to? Or are you one of the little nothing reporters that he rolled over? Ross is on his way UP, and you are not! Jealous??

      WE are everywhere bud! You need to put your white hood on, and go burn a cross, and run away in your General Lee car. Ever met the guy? I never have, but I assume he is probably liked in the news community, or he wouldnt be going UP the news ladder, to a bigger news market.
      Frankly, he could make tons of money doing porn and live an easy life, with LOTS more money!!, if he wanted! But HE is a reporter…and going to a BIGGER market, and is already reporting from Washington A LOT. THAT is the goal of all reporters. To get out of this backwater state. Reporters stop by here, on their way UP the news ladder. The fact he looks like he does, is his ticket to bigger markets, wish I had 10% of his looks and life! to get out of this horrible state! And leave fun things like Irma behind me. Your an ass!

    • WE are his people, you homophobe! Miami IS one of the gayest cities in America. THAT’S why WPLG paid him so much, promoted him so much, and why he was so successful. Keep your ugly rants to yourself. Good luck Ross! You’ll be missed!

      • His news pieces used to be very good but in recent years he just started coming across as way too gay. I was vomiting in my mouth sometimes. If you wanna be gay, fine, but don’t flaunt it on the news. Some of us straights have to watch news, too and channel 7 is just TOO disgusting.

        • You’re a disgusting individual. Individual. But, thank you for exposing yourself here. We journalists will find you and make sure everyone knows how sick and twisted you truly are.

          • It’s okay that you think I’m sick and twisted. I think homosexuals are sick and twisted. I guess we’re even. Except that I’m not a hater. You are.

        • So Ross has awards? Many of us do. But what has Ross done (like his fellow journalists) for “his” community or the south Florida community in general? I’ll make this easy. Name up to 10 (no less than 5) things Ross has done to give back that we may not know about.

          Showing up at a club with your buds having a photo op doesn’t count.

          And no, it’s not being hateful, but if you’re going to paint Ross in such a great light, substantiate it!

        • So Ross has awards? Many of us do. But what has Ross done (like his fellow journalists) for “his” community or the south Florida community in general? I’ll make this easy. Name up to 10 (no less than 5) things Ross has done to give back that we may not know about.

          Showing up at a club with your buds having a photo op doesn’t count.

          And no, it’s not being hateful, but if you’re going to paint Ross in such a great light, substantiate it!

      • I guess I’m supposed to be scared that you tracked my location? What, you’re gonna come and find me so you can give me an attitude adjustment? I just moved here after living in South Florida for over 20 years. I’m entitled to voice my opinion on the crap job that all South Florida news has turned into. At least in my new home I can watch the news broadcast in a respectful, non-combative way. The women look like women and dress respectfully and the men look and act like men (and the gays don’t flaunt it). And there’s a hell of a lot more good news and newsworthy information being broadcast here than in SoFlo. Since you’re the admin, you can always ban me from your site, if freedom of speech means nothing to you.

        • You’re still in Knoxville and you alone have posted hateful messages here under several names. No one is fooled. You’re a failed news director that has been fired over and over again. The last time, thankfully, for good.

          • Sorry, wrong person. I’ve never been in the news business. Just a news junkie. But wow, that escalated fast.

        • I may be European and not yet a US citizen but I am pretty certain you have totally misread the part in the First Amendment where it says “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech”.

          I am not congress, and SFLTV is most certainly not a democracy but a private business where if I do not like your shitty attitude I can call you out for it or send you packing. Sounds like a familiar concept you like to espouse? Or is that only when the shoe doesn’t fit that you start crying about your rights?

          Now go back to selling insurance or whatever it is you do, and whine to the rest of your hate-filled pseudo-Christians about how you’re being discriminated against on the Internets.

          • Ah…European, now I understand. You should become a stand-up comic, you’re hilarious.

    • What do you mean “his people” I thought we are all god’s children “.

      Depending on whatever “faith” a person chooses to worship”.

      He is a good political reporter, and does good investigative reporting!

    • What do you mean “his people” I thought we are all god’s children “.

      Depending on whatever “faith” a person chooses to worship”.

      Also a person should be judged on their job performance skills, whether it be a plumber, house painter, or a TV news reporter!

      He is a good political reporter, and does good investigative reporting!

    • Ridiculous statement, that’s like asking if one can be too black! He is a very fortunate man to be departing Miami Florida!!

  1. I looked up Ross Palombo in the dictionary. This is what I found: Uppity: pretentious, stuck-up, conceited. Acting as if you are better than someone else. To “put on airs.”

    I guess he’s burned a lot of bridges in SoFla, so he has to head out west. I pity them. Anyone who comes near him will be turned off in a short matter of time.

    And SoFloSloMo, even “His people” have had enough of him!

    • His continued success proves you wrong. That’s a Fact. Your ridiculous rant is BS… everyone knows it. And knows what your agenda is.

      • I don’t see it as wrong. Success may mean you’re good at what you do. It has nothing to do with how people see you as a person

  2. I have never posted anything negative online about someone except for public figures, but I don’t mind making an exception for this tool (unless you think he’s a public figure which is ludicrous). This is your classic ahole who the more people dislike him the more he acts superior to compensate for the fact that people dislike him for acting so superior. Sad, lonely, pathetic man with hardware.

  3. His persona did leave a lot to be desired. Now let’s see if 10 replaces him with a quality reporter or another cheap hire which they are now famous for doing. Don’t know anyone that watches 10 nrews anymore and being know as the”Haitian Station” does not help. They will report about a heavy rain in Haiti rather than the housing market in Ft Lauderdale. Questionable preferences when their news is not relevant.

    • 10 has exposed more corruption in Broward than any other station, especially with Sheriff Israel. And, still managed to give the weather in Haiti.

      • LOL. Really? Is this Bob Norman posting? What a tool. Israel, Lamberti…..he’ll go after anyone with his lies.

  4. LOL 14 Emmys and hundreds of exclusives later, haters still gong to hate. He helped keep WPLG # 1. I don’t think he will miss your homophobia as he leaves you behind. Far behind. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, I’m sure. Going to miss him, but 10 still has an entire stable of great reporters. That’s why everyone watches them. That’s why the competition hates them. That’s why smal-time “spokesclowns” fear them.

  5. your homophobic comments say more about you than Palumbo. He’s well liked, just look 10’s Facebook pages. The people he’s investigated are not.

  6. Ok haters – ENOUGH. Ross is a great reporter, a good friend and a nice guy. Sometimes I guess people feel the need to be mean because they feel inadequate. We will miss you Ross. You brought a lot to this market!

  7. Ross – as Tay Tay says, haters gonna hate… as for you, my friend, I am so happy that you are returning to the place where we worked so well together in San Fran! The market is lucky to get you as a journalist holding people accountable. That’s one thing blogs like this with anonymous comments can’t do (hold people accountable for their words of hate). I wish you the absolute best of luck and look forward to seeing your reports online!

  8. Have you ever met a HATER doing better than you? Me neither… Hatters gonna hate, but while they are busy hating others for being successful and doing something, they are stuck doing nothing. My guess is that some of the negative commenters have some personal issue with Ross or maybe were on the receiving end of an investigation that didn’t make them look too good. Why else feel so strongly negative about a reporter from TV?

    Anyway, best of luck Ross. I’m sure you will miss the “fans” from Miami!

  9. It’s pretty disturbing and shocking that people actually take time out of their day to slam someone who is moving forward in life. Instead of congratulating Ross on his accomplishments, people are quick to judge and hate. Ross’ investigative pieces have always been creative, insightful, and very balanced. His stories have sparked changes in South Florida. Congratulations to a very talented reporter. It’s not easy doing what he does. On to the next one!

  10. And what kind of change has he really sparked? Let’s be honest here. He’s all talk and no substance. Full of himself really. He won’t be missed by colleagues or competitors. By the way, nice try Ross, i’ve identified your personally typed response in at least 5 of these comments. Sad.

  11. What a bunch of Haters. Ross has been blowing away the competing stations here for years and you suckers can’t handle it. Continue to talk smack and see how far that will get you in this biz. Leave him alone and wish him the best out west. To all you haters enjoy your P.R Jobs because you can’t make it in TV you silly Hoes.

  12. Funny how the bigots always cower behind anonymous posts; kudos to Ross for his achievements and moving upward while the haters stagnate in their mediocrity.

  13. Posters should stop using the term “hate” when no one on here said they hate the guy. They just said they don’t approve of his unnatural personal life style. Using that term just diminishes its impact when used properly like using the term “rape” loosely when sexually molested is the proper description. I do think his more and more open gayness became a liability to 10 and he saw the hand writing on the wall and looked elsewhere. He might be better off in another vocation.

    • That IS hate, you freak. “Un-natural lifestyle”? Pure hate right there. The majority of South Floridians, and Americans for that matter, don’t agree with you. That’s why this guy was loved here, why 10 is number 1 again, and why he was able to move up the big leagues. And, why people like you are left siting in your mommy’s dark basement in you underwear anonymously pecking out your hate-filled homophobic views on your Commodore 64.

      • Your making false statements. Check your sweeps numbers. 10 is anything but #1. Years ago they were on top not anymore. Compare advertising rates that tells it all.
        Again the word hate is being used out of context.

  14. Over the past months seems 10 was using him less and less because they know he was looking elsewhere. Political analyst fits his bland personality. Weekend anchor is usually where full time anchors make their bones so he is headed in the right direction. If your personal lifestyle starts to interfere with the success of professional life you either change or move to a different environment. 10 did not fight to keep him otherwise they would have thrown in a lot more cash along with a promotion. They hired that girl Cheyanne instead.

    • That’s a load of crap. He’s always covered politics for 10. He just got like two Emmys for it. 10 tried hard to keep him, they just couldn’t compete with the new offer. It was all of the sudden, and no one has been hired yet to replace him. I don’t think anyone who knows Ross would call him “bland” LOL And, WTF is all this talk and hate about “lifestyle”? That’s never been an issue. Miami is the gayest market in the country. Being gay isn’t a “lifestyle” haters. Get over it. The rest of the country already has.

  15. A real jerk! Incompetent and irresponsible reporting. So biased – information was worthless! Like a school boy complaining!


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