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Next Week On SFLTV.com…


A busy week coming up, and SFLTV is covering all the stories you want to know about.  Next week:

  • As a legend leaves the TV business, his replacement has been named. Find out who he is tomorrow tonight.
  • We’ll tell you why we think SOMEONE at WPLG likes ANAL way too much. We’ll tell you what we mean.
  • What’s going on with the local South Florida reporter’s DUI case? We’ll follow up…
  •  The first day for Tony’s replacement. What will this mean for the anchor lineup at WTVJ?
  • WSVN in HD? Tips have been flooding in that it may just happen this week.  
  • Are we any closer to seeing NBC Miami? We’ll look into it. 

…And much, much, more.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I would say that you guys are at a promotional disadvantage if you know the name of Tony’s replacement but are not publishing it. I have high respect for Tony and I do not believe that revealing the name of his replacement (no one can ever really replace him) would disrespect Tony at all.

    • Look, i just would feel wrong taking the focus away from Tony. As i’ve said before, he’s a 40 year legend to South Florida. Let’s let him have his week in the public eye. I just feel that that’s the respectful thing to do. Hope you understand.

  2. SVN HD next week? i think either they’ll flip the switch around Jan.18 when they start their coverage of Obama’s ignauguration (i saw a brand new HD promo last night during the game) or around Feb.17 maybe for the digital switch/February sweeps,

  3. 100% confirmed: wsvn begins hd newscasts with new graphics, music, etc. this sunday night at 5pm. set your tivo’s!!!!


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