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EstrellaTV Lands on WPBF, Replaces WeatherFirst


WPBF is scrapping WeatherFirst from their digital sub-channel and replacing it with newly minted Spanish channel EstrellaTV. By the end of August EstrellaTV will be available on digital sub-channel 25.2 and on Comcast 208.

In April 2009 Liberman Broadcasting announced they inked an agreement with Sunbeam Televsion to piggyback EstrellaTV on WSVN digital 7.2 giving them coverage of Miami and Broward counties.

Now viewers in most of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties will be able to tune EstrellaTV over the air on 2 stations.

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  1. Weather (actually ‘weather show loaded and ready to run’) is still on 7-2 as of this writing. No mention of any changes coming.

    • Well, there’s another “-2” channel that’ll get deleted from my station list.

      Considering the awful sub-channel selections we have, here’s an idea: Someone should just start showing videos submitted from viewers, like a TV version of YouTube – almost like The Tube used to be but for virtually anything and not just music. That would certainly be more interesting than the garbage that’s showing up these days.

  2. I wonder which station will carry ThisTV. 29.2 would be good. It’s been showing that RIP Tube screen for months.


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