Home Miami TV Former WTVJ Anchor Tony Segreto Joins Bank Atlantic Board

Former WTVJ Anchor Tony Segreto Joins Bank Atlantic Board

Former WTVJ Anchor Tony Segreto
Former WTVJ Anchor Tony Segreto

Former WTVJ NBC6 anchor Tony Segreto has accepted an invitation by BankAtlantic’s board of directors to become an advisory board member. According to BA’s press release Segreto will be attending all board meetings and will join the board of directors in governing and promoting BankAtlantic’s activities in the South Florida community.



“I am very proud to become a part of the BankAtlantic family. BankAtlantic`s
passion, integrity, and ideals for customer care and community support are
exactly in line with my own personal beliefs,” commented Tony Segreto.
“BankAtlantic is a trusted name in South Florida and I hope my 40 year career in
television and commitment to community will further support its efforts to give
back to the community,” Segreto concluded.

Tony Segreto retired from WTVJ NBC6 at the end of 2008 after working there for 40 years.

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  1. Thers about 4 or 5 within 10 minutes of my home. Around the Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Miami Lakes, and Hialeah/Hialeah Gardens area.

    • I guess it is not a big West Palm Beach thing…but even south of here, I didnt think they were a big contender.

  2. I use Bank Atlantic for myself and my business. I believe they have more branches in Florida then anyone else. I have 3 branches within 3 miles of my house.

    • well if they left Palm Beach County out of the mix….that doesent do them much justice. I rarely see them. And of course you use them LOL. I said to myself I will say Bank Atlantic is nowhere…and Mitch and/or Chuck will say they use them…

      But, Bank of America has more branches than anyone in Florida since they purchased Nations Bank which was Barnett Bank, which purchased Great Western…

      • Since you chose to include me in your snarkfest, just because there is not a Bank Atlantic at the end of your street does not mean that they do not exist. That is the kind of tunnel vision I would expect from someone who just today, again, posted “should of” when he meant “should have.” Do you find your narrow focus serves you well in the news biz? By the way, Nations Bank bought Barnett, and you left NCNB out of the family tree.

  3. I see them in Palm Beach. I drive all around and many times I made a bank deposit in Palm Beach. I can think of one I go to on Military in Jupiter, right by a school. Theres one on 441 in Boca too that I use.

    • there are some in palm beach, but Jupiter and boca are total opposite each other..also I lookked at google maps for bank atlantic locations, there are 6….6!!!!! That’s it. Almost none of them are near the urbanized areas along the coast! As for boa, wamu, and wachovia, they all have branches like starbucks.

  4. Gb…I went to the Bank Atlantic site. You are wrong !!! There are 3 in Boca alone. In the Palm Beach area there were 4 , lake worth 1, Delray 2, then they are in Jupiter and Palm Beach gardens also….So much for your six banks…lol

    • They are all far out west!!! None are along the more urban areas on the coast. Again, I dont to drive 15 miles to the bank, every other bank has branches all over…except that one.

      So we both were a bit wrong, I in saying there were only 6, and you in saying that BankAtlantic has the most branches in FL.

  5. They are in Palm Beach County !!!!! They are even on AIA also ( is that out west?) GB…Time for you to watch ch 7 News !!!!

  6. How is he qualified to be a board member?

    BTW, NationsBank bought Barnett and Bank of America bought NationsBank.


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