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FYI: Adam Kuperstein is Still at WTVJ

Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com
Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com

I don’t remember if we mentioned it, maybe Alex did but I don’t read this blog (shh don’t tell anybody now) but keep being asked about this on meebo.

No, Adam Kuperstein hasn’t left WTVJ. He is now sports and general news reporter during the week. The weekend sport segments will be read by the news anchor instead. The segment itself will be prepared by a sports producer on staff.







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  1. Adam doing news? Ugh. He must love that, especially at a station that has no clue how to cover the news.

  2. I’ve seen Amara Sohn (sp?) do the sports a couple of weekends in a row now insteam of Kuperstein and I just can’t believe this is a major market news product. Mispronouncing sports words and names, no idea what she is talking about when it comes to sports…just a joke! Sounds like a broken record but WTVJ is such a shell of its former self now in terms of its news product…really it’s just embarassing.

  3. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it looks like Laurie Jennings is anchoring solo these days and Charles Perez is doing live reports from the field. At least that was the case tonight at 11.

  4. My Sources tells me that tammy delgado is job hunting in pennsylvania can you guys confirm, I can tell you today she has an interview in Delaware.

  5. Tick-tock. tick-tock. Told ya… it was just a matter of weeks before Tammy Delgado got the ol’ heave-HO – well, layoff. Actually, the station was kind, because of her situation, to give her the heads-up, throw her a few emergency vacation days and allow her to keep up the appearance that she’s leaving on her own accord. Hard to swallow though… that she’d buy a new house, install a state-of-the-art PANDA kitchen and then suddenly crave a change of scenery. “Honey, let’s move to beautiful, downtown Delaware – I hear it’s lovely this time of year.” Uh, hardly. Do they even have a TV stations in Delaware? TVJ has given her a month – too much heat with her ongoing lawsuit – too many on-air mistakes – too many complaints from her staff – just too much. Good luck with the job search!! And look for a Delaware station unveiling its brand spanking new PANDA kitchen set in the coming months. It’s must see TV.

  6. If Tammy is on the way out, then maybe TVJ will be able to resurface and fix all of the mistakes they have made in recent years.

    Maybe even Joel Connable will return as main anchor. (Probably not as he has a new venture called Travel Television News, which I hope it goes well for him.)

  7. I saw Joel on Tv the other day. he was doing his travel TV thing for some hotel. It was great and probably much more lucrative

  8. The Clock – do you know who they are thinking of having replace Tammy? Bumping up any producers, or outside hire?

  9. I don’t think they need an EP anymore. They have discovered that making producers do EP jobs for now extra money or title works just fine. It’s what they do at night.

  10. Glad I’ll get to see him more often. I swear I used to watch that stupid sports show late at night just to see him. We need some male eye candy on the news too. If only they could put him and that hot young blue eyed guy from channel 10 together. I’d be in news heaven!

  11. You all just succumbed to the same things you all criticize WTVJ (and other stations) for. Not necessarily caring about the news, but more about how they look, typically this argument has been towards female anchors, but you all fall for same thing with this guy. I don’t think he is good or bad. I could take him or leave him. But we should just keep him cause he looks good.


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