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WTVJ Reporter Joshua Landon’s Trial: Case Closed



NBC6 Freelancer Joshua Ufot Landon was sentenced earlier this week. SFLTV is the only blog/news organization that has been actively covering his trial. Landon, who plead no contest to the charges, was found guilty and sentenced on the nineteenth of last month. Here is Landon’s sentence:

  • 12 months of supervised probation
  • License revokement for 6 months
  • 10 days of vehicle impoundment
  • 50 hours of community service
  • DUI school
  • Substance abuse evaluation
  • Breathalyzer/Urinalysis upon request, at expense of Landon
  • No possession or consumption of alcohol
  • and, Not to enter any establishment who primarily sells alcohol

Interestingly enough, I saw him reporting on NBC6 mealy days after his convection. This draws a close to this nearly four month event.

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  1. If you ask me, I think Landon should be thanking the Lord he got off that easy. First offense doesn’t mean squat to me. If you ask me, driving while intoxicated/DUI’s should be automatic jail time.

    • In many states it IS automatic jailtime. Lucky indeed! Bad timing for him, though, since he and the other freelancers at 6 are going to be laid off soon.

  2. sfltv was the first to report this? The only one to report this?

    Who cares? Who is this guy and why should we care he got a DUI? Let’s see, he is a freelancer who came from a small market and is now on a TV station no one watches.
    What a scoop!

  3. Hey Pinky. Lots of people watch NBC6. We consitantly beat Channel 7 at 6 and always beat 4 at 6 and 11. Would you like to revise your inaccurate statement?

    • NBC producer, I think diego is too distracted by trans-gender anchor jorge estavez to focus on making accurate statements. But you do have to love someone quoting Morton “O’Downey” Jr. Shows you the mentality we’re dealing with in South Florida. What a great contribution Morton Downey Jr. made to television, and we’re reaping the benefits to this day. Go Diego Go!

  4. NBC Producer,

    Were is the Proof? If you are beating all these stations then show us the proof. Otherwise like the late Morton ODwney Jr. use to say ” ZIP IT “.

    • Dude, you do realize that people don’t just have ratings spread sheets lying around… right?

      And they’re sure as hell not going to just send them to you because you bitch for them. Why should they risk their identity? I’m really starting to resent your constant nagging for them. The fact is, I’ve seen the ratings. I have last months ratings. He’s telling the truth. Now, how about you “zip it”?

  5. Alex,

    As for examples or role models no reporter, sports icon, etc etc etc should be a role model. I mean if you would allow a reporter be your kids role model thats pretty bad. Role models should be parents, teachers, grandparents etc etc etc. Thats what’s so messed up with this world today. I mean parents letting people on tv be there kids role models. What a joke!!!!!!!

    • What exactly do you call your obsession with Belkeys and 7 news. And yes, Diego. I would allow my kids to look up to someone as great as Tony Segreto and Dwight Lauderdale. I guess i’ll be a bad parent 🙂

  6. I simply like 7news and Belkys. I like all the anchors and reporters at 7news except for a few. Its not a obsession rather a like. Its the same as your like for Dwight and Tony. Yeah that would make you a bad parent. I mean as far as a role model that has always been my Mom and Grandma.

  7. Diego.. you seem to spout out all this stuff as if you know everything. Role models can be anyone people look up to. Moms, dads, firefighters, reporter, whomever. There are many great reporters and anchors on television. Unfortunately, Channel 7 doesn’t have many of them. Belky’s may be a personality, but has she ever really told a great stoty or covered breaking news with knowledge and experience. No, she hasn’t. She is a perfect example of a talking head. If you look into Belky’s eyes, you will see the back of her head. But, good for her. She found a good place to use the talent she has – but she is not equal to real storytellers.

  8. I never said I know everything. I have my views like you and to me role models should not be money hungry sports stars, celebrities etc etc. The world has enough good teachers, parents and so on that we all should be looking up to. People who make a fraction of what these people do and somehow continue to guide or future in the right direction. These are the true role models in my opinion. I mean without the SHaqs, Bryants etc etc we can all get by. However without the teachers and parents guiding us and teaching us we are trully nothing and cannot survive.As for your views about Belkys thats your views. We are never gonna agree you think Tisha Lewis and Jackie Nespral are jounalist. What a joke. I mean my blind grandmother can tell you those two are not even close to being a real jounalist. I mean Jackie is not even a personailty. As for Tisha I watched her the other day and she was such a mess on camera it wasn’t even funny. Can someone please draw her on a persoanlity.


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