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Mark Joyella Leaves WPLG


mark-joyella.jpg Yesterday Mark Joyella twittered it was his last day reporting at WPLG. His fiancee is in NYC so he decided to quit 10 and stay close to her. And they’re getting married in two weeks! (congrats!)

Mark returned to WPLG in December 07 after 4 years in New York City working at WNYW. Before that he reported for WPLG from 1998 until 2003.

/hat tip to the meebo tipsters/

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  1. One of the best writers you will ever see. His quirky yet dead on story telling is going to be missed. He was miscast as a general assignment reporter but still delivered. He is also one of the most sarcastic facebook/twitter posting son of a bitch you will ever encounter.
    Good luck Mark

  2. I Was So Happy When He Came Back To South Florida. He Is One Of The Greatest People I Have Ever Worked With. I Can’t Believe He Is Leaving Already. I Wish Him The Best Of Luck With Whatever He Does. I Will Miss Him!!!!!!!!!!!! Goofy Bastard!!!!!!

  3. Tongen! You’re dead to me!

    Okay, not really. Thanks guys for the kind words. It’s not easy to leave (again), but I must put my personal life ahead of my career this time, and she’s more than worth it.

    I’ll be reading the blog from New York and harassing Tongen on Facebook daily.


  4. Good luck Mark, and to paraphrase Mac Davis, happiness is Miami in your rear view mirror. We promise to also annoy Tongen in your absence. Belated Happy B-day to the Toddmeister as well.

    • Happiness is Miami in your rear view mirror. That is the BEST line I have heard in a long time, thanks Chuck!
      And good luck Mark

  5. I really enjoyed Mark’s blog and he really is a fantastic newsman, he fits in well at any position and certianly knows the business. Best of luck to Mark and his soon to be wife begining all over in the big apple.


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