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Open Thread: Tony’s Last Day


Tony’s last day was today. Here is an open thread to discuss the living South Florida legend, Tony Segreto. Bob Mayer, along with Tony’s family joined in the emotional last day for Tony. Tony got choked up when reading his “final lines.” Then, ended the show like he always did. “NBC Nightly News is next.” Such an amazing legend.

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  1. My whole family was watching and my Mom choked up as well. It seemed though to me that he did not want to go, especially when he said “does anyone have a job for me?” Odd, apparently Jackie was too sick to come watch his last day? Im gonna sincerely miss him, and seeing that old footage of Jennifer Vallopi makes me miss her as well. Well have fun Tony we will miss u.

  2. I can’t believe they didn’t cut him off and let the newscast run until 6:30! What a way to insult the sponsors.[/sarcasm]

    For real, what a great way to go off. Although I noticed his son did look a bit uncomfortable in front of Kelly Craig.

  3. Actually, we heard that was a commercial at the top becasue the producer had no where to go. Josh Landon wasn’t ready to go live at the top so they were forced to go to weather and then a commercial.

  4. It was great to watch WTVJ say goodbye to Tony is such a classy way. Good to see Kelly is such a great friend, and Bob, but it was a real shame Jackie wasn’t able to be there. She’s a big part of his news role. A true living legend.

  5. What’s next for Tony? Anyone have any thoughts on that? I think he’ll get back to his sports roots in some capacity. Good luck and God bless, Tony.

  6. Julian, Jackie was home sick with a cold that she was fighting with all week. Back to Tony, he is one of the nicest guy you will ever meet! Humble, alot of wisdom, and talks a lot, but he has a lot to say. Seeing Bob and Kelly there together saluting to Tony, I going to miss that group of people from 316 North Miami Ave aka the old WTVJ studios. God Bless u Tony!!!

  7. Is Jackie Nespral Tony’s sister? I was confused. That was another moment when he got choked up when he mentioned her. The last few minutes were really touching, especially when they brought the family up to the desk. The whole week of tributes was simply outstanding and truly amazing. Again, best wishes Tony.

    Here is the link to the youtube videos (two parts) of Friday night’s broadcast. They also have each tribute from each night posted there as well.




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