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Tony Says Goodbye – Joel Says Hello



Tony Segreto has said his final goodbyes to South Florida, which now leaves a vacancy on the NBC6 news at 6. As many have you have guessed, the “rising star” at WTVJ is going to be given a chance.  Joel Connable has been named the the successor of Tony Segreto.

Joel started working at WTVJ in August of 2005. Before moving to Miami, Joel worked as a reporter and anchor at CBS2/KCAL in Los Angeles. Recently, he replaced DeMarco Morgan on the “South Florida Nightly News.” Now, he will anchor along with Julia Yarbough on the News at 6, and along with Jackie Nespral on the “South Florida Nightly News.”  The new changes take effect on Monday, January 12th. No one will ever be a “replacement” for Tony Segreto, but Joel is a great choice to “take over” for Tony.  Congratulations, Joel. We wish you the best of luck!


  1. This is not a tremendous surprise. The NBC 6 anchor lineup has been shaken up quite a bit in the last two or three years (Tony left the 11 p.m. slot about two years ago, Michael Williams and DeMarco Morgan came and went)… This will actually be a pretty smooth transition since Joel is not a stranger to the evening news.

    This move makes a lot of sense considering all of the uncertainty with the ownership of the station. Now Joel, Julia and Jackie each have two half hour segments of evening news, and each combination seems to work well. It will be interesting to see if we have more changes as WTVJ’s future unfolds.

    Tony was a class act, and while there’s certainly no “replacing” him, naming Joel as his successor is about as close as you can get. He may not have Tony’s sage wisdom in all things related to South Florida, but he does have the proven integrity and talent that Tony demonstrated in his 40 years at WTVJ.

  2. I am glad to see Joel up on the desk where Tony was. The 6 and 7 have more energy and I actually watch it now.Joel is a journalist and he’s great on air and live, so I think he will do very well as a main WTVJ anchor.

  3. Congratulations to Joel! This is a well deserved and long awaited promotion. Joel will do a great job with getting NBC6 the much need votes! Finally…they recognize great talent!

  4. WTF which we all knwo what it stand for is a miserable person. Nail in the coffin? Joel is a terrific person and really cares about where he works. Why would you say something liek that. Give me one reason why Joel shouldn’t be anchoring the 6 and 7. If you can come up with valid reasons, then good, but you haven’t made your point by just saying “nail int he coffin.” Joel isn’t there to save the place, he’s just a nice person who does a great job and may help make WTVj more interesting. I work with him and see him everyday and he is a pleasure to work with and someone who treats people with respect. He knows a lot about this busines coming from Los Angeles and with his other experiences. I think he was a paramedic in New York for sometime. So, back to WTF. Are you just being a mean person or do you really have something to say? Congrats to Joel

  5. Congrats Joel! Does anyone know when WTVJ will get a set upgrade? Like a HD? Now that the sale is terminated, hopefully the set will be upgrade like NBC Philly, New York, Dallas, LA. The designers of MSNBC. Also, it will be nice to see a 24 hour news channel for the South Florida market. I hope that Ardy & Yvette hire more talented people at the station so that WTVJ will be back to #1 again for them to carry that SOUTH FLORIDA’S NEWS LEADER SLOGAN. Finally, when I saw Tony last night it looks like he did not want to really want to retire. Hopefully, he comes back and be a sports commentator for WTVJ. It was nice seeing Jennifer Valoppi again, I think she is a talented anchor and reporter. I love Jackie, but Jennifer is better. What do yall think of all this I’m saying?

  6. Alex, Im excited!!! Did u see wplg new studios? OMG it is nice especially when the sun is set and the glass is sparkling. Very nice facility. But Alex I’m looking forward of what you going to post on monday.

  7. Very nice, when I passed by it the other day around 5ish, it was breathtaking. Post Newsweek had put alot of money into the design of the facility. With the palm trees, the white and earth tone natural colors. The bad part about that is the station is in a bad location. For example, what happens if breaking news happens south they would get into I-95 and that congestion of Ives Dairy exit is high volume of traffic. I really thought they should be around I-75 like WTVJ. In atlanta, wsbtv and wxia are down the street from one another. And I think WTVJ still has a nice facility and location, but I wish they could still be in downtown miami.

  8. MikeBean, why that set has been there since 2000 when they move to miramar, but in 04 0r 05 they made minor changes. Wplg will be moving in a few months, by then every station will have a recent set upgrade. CBS 4 upgrade was in ’07, 7news was ’08 into ’09, and local 10 will be this summer. WTVJ set is getting old, and boring, and that news desk and the platform is starting to show it’s age.

  9. I bet it would be a Content Center, a new management team, and more cuts. NBC should bring Linda Sullivan in to replace Loser Diercks. Diercks at every station she has been on, they are the market worse performers. With Sullivan, given what she did at WRC in 1998-2003 with Bob Long, KNTV and KNBC, she would really give WTVJ a new breath of fresh air.

  10. Oh so it’s ok to bash everyone on this board but Joel, Mr. Bean? Where was the outrage when the low-lifes were commenting about Hori and her babies? Please…

  11. Ok Mr. WTF. I didn’t read thos eother posts and they sound awful. But here my point. You say something rude about Joel and you don’t back it up with anything. So, omce again..Why is Joel “nothing?”


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