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7News in HD, in 5 Minutes? Yes


Update 8:09pm: thanks to one of our readers, here is video from today’s 5pm debut

– ‘live from the news station’ is no more. The open is super short, like the WHDH opens have been for a while now.
And so far there are no talent bumpers either. Actually they took that out about a couple years ago.

it’s over ’till 6pm.
Overall … very 7News. It’s them to a t. Too bad it looks so bad on the online feed for those of us stuck in the cold Northwest or elsewhere 🙂

– 7Sports open pretty hot. They even get their own lower thirds
– the weather graphics look to be from WHDH also?
– one of the bumps before break was from WHDH, a bit mish mashy having the different circle 7s
– the open is nice but … a bit loud … I hoped they’d tone the screetching sound effects for the new look
– they’ve updated the weather set too, or at least the desk.
– is it just me or are the lower thirds gynormous? eesh…

Update 5:02pm: 7News in HD. With very flashy graphics. finally.

Looks like WSVN is flipping the switch on HD about 5 minutes from now for the 5pm news.  Tie yourselves up for the sofa and hold on tight

another video from the 10pm after the jump

Thanks for Frank for uploading this one:

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  1. Well, being up in Boston, WSVN’s streaming 320×240 is the best that I can get.

    However, compared to times past, the picture is much sharper (on the streaming video)

    Furthermore, the graphics are a bit more “animated” than those of WHDH, but they are still quite close (and yes, the lower 3rd up here is quite large too!)

    All in all, its quite similiar to WHDH, just a bit more flashy, but, kind of saw that one coming!

    But, I take it the field reports are still SD (although 16:9)?

  2. Bah, the graphics package isn’t as impressive as I expected. The bug looks pretty hot and the lower thirds are nice but the intro blew. The transitions for the teasers at the intro we’re allright.

  3. A follow up – yes, it does look like the weather graphics are from WHDH too, although I’m sure when they were done they were made for both stations, within reason.

    With the exception of the “extras” done on the maps, like the 12 foot high “WARM” over all of Florida, which kind of kill the “professionalism” of it (yes, yes, I know, I know), but it seems like the weather system is the same as the WHDH one.

    Although, at least the temp/time is much more legible now, vs. having them right next to each other, which at a quick glance could be confusing.

    • At least we have a live stream of WSVN, WHDH has not had a live stream in years!

      It would be nice if Sunbeam streams a 16:9 SD feed for both stations. Although, I would much rather a HD feed, but I don’t see that happening!

  4. IMO…we’ve been waiting for years to this moment, even befor HDH changed their gfx with the “Bostonian skyline package” heck! SFLTV changed the look 2 times i think, so guys we got to stick with it even though the gfx suck, 4me its way better than TVJ/T51 gfx, now what’s left to do is enjoy and wait for PLG, FOR and LTV to go HiDef.

  5. 2 times? think it’s more like 5 lol
    whdh is now on their 3rd package
    not sure why 7 is the redheaded stepchild of Sunbeam
    maybe the 7 bosses liked the old look, which was pretty unique …

    little atoms and molecules swirling behind circle 7 we will miss you

    • LOL…are you 5 times sure? anyway you’re the creator, so you know your stuff and i’ve been here since you started on MSN(?). If sunbeam would’ve bought TVJ then, wouldn’t we end up w/ SVN/NBC? it seems ED loves the Peacock so much, that attention goes to HDH and not SVN i mean; look at the way they always play w/ the Peacock logo and possibly those unforgettable chimes.

  6. Hello from Boston…
    Yes the weather graphics for both WHDH and WSVN are done by WeatherCentral (pre-HD for WHDH they used WSI; WSVN has used WXCentral for a long time). The weather open for the 2 stations is essentially the same; aside from the fact there are palm trees in the SVN open and snow in the HDH open.

    Based on the live stream on the web, the general Lower thirds are less colorful for WSVN (blue/red scheme) while WHDH’s are more colorful.

    Overall, I like the changes. Based on what I’m seeing from the live web stream anyway.

  7. Okay, I just spoke with an anchor over at 7, seems as if he doesn’t have a clue. I spoke with him on facebook chat, and he said that SVN will be HD tomorrow, and the new graphics are sick,and ill. I then continued to say good stuff when he responded with “f*** yes.” Professionalism? I think so.

  8. I might add “Admin” and SFLTV.com got this first and tipped me off it would start at 5pm so I recorded it to post.

  9. For the record, that Facebook anchor you chatted with is likely the same one off the next week so he wouldn’t know anything about the seven rollout of HD. By the way, which 7 anchor uses 80’s hair band terms like “sick & Ill & follows up with a fuck ya!” Sounds like a football buddy wanna be who just loves the facebook.

  10. When is Belkeys gonna be on? I want to here Diego rave about how good she looks in HD.

    As he would say: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. 1080i? Eventually I hope??? I can tell it’s 720p. Why can’t they upgrade that? HD on 7 in general isn’t as sharp as what I see on CBS 4 or NBC 6. Maybe my eyes need to be checked, I don’t know.

      • One isn’t really an “upgrade” over the other. As admin pointed out, it’s a corporate decision that the locals don’t control.

        720p is generally better for sports and high-action content, as the display is progressive (thus, the “p” in 720p), which comes across more “smoothly” than an interlaced picture.

        1080i has more lines for more detail, but the display is interlaced (thus the “i” in 1080i), which may “blur” more on sports or live action.

        In short, 720p is considered better for dynamic content while 1080i is considered better for more static content.


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