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Results: “Poll: Which TV station is run best?”


…The results are in, and after hundreds of votes, SFLTV.com readers think that WSVN (FOX-7) is the best run TV station in South Florida.

Winner: WSVN (FOX-7)

By a landslide, the winner is WSVN (FOX-7), with 51.9% of the votes . Coming in a not-so-close second, is WPLG (ABC-10), with 26.7% of the votes. WFOR (CBS-4) comes in at a rather lousy 11.5%, and from reading the comments, this is partially due to the lack of High Definition. Finally, WTVJ (NBC-6) comes in dead last (yet again) at 9.9% of the votes… and the reason for that? Well, you figure it out.

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  1. I didn’t vote. Plus, my IP often identifies me in Pompano Beach… I dunno why since I am not near there at all.


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