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Rick Sanchez Comes Back to South Florida…


… for just a little bit, no need to stop the presses.

Sanchez was on CNN today live from South Florida. He came back to his hometown of Hialeah to talk his mom about Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor. The interview was conducted in typical Rick Sanchez style leaning over and waving hands.

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  1. It’s always about Rick, isn’t it? I guess there was no other Latina between here and Atlanta to talk to? Or did he just bring his laundry home?

  2. Oh The return of Rick!
    Who can forget those breathless exaltations and sleeve rolled up stand ups on “the night team?” OH the pompacity…oh the ego…. Personally I loved his show on WYVJ…I haven’t seen production values so low since Scrubbt fell off the cardboard fire truck

  3. Ahhh, that explains that warm blast of air coming from the west; it smelled like lechon asado. HAHA!!

  4. I always thought Rick rolling up his sleeves was him telling us he’s just a regular everyday guy. And of course Sally Fitz almost falling over the front of the desk showing us how important the story she was reading was. Oops….time for my meds…..

  5. Hialeah…..Last time I heard my hometown mentioned on CNN was when Larry King used it as an example of everyday america.


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