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SFLTV.com Interviews “Sharp Dressed John”

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Sharp Dressed John

In our recent post about the re-branding of WSFL’s “The Morning Show,” questions were brought up about where some of the show’s talent has disappeared to. If you’re a fan of the blog, you may have noticed my lack of posting on the site over the past month. Well, after some personal issues, I’m back and here to answer your questions!

About two months ago, just as former news director Jose Suarez was allegedly escorted from the building, John Reed (or “Sharp Dressed John”) was laid off from WSFL in an effort to re-brand “SouthFlorida.com/LIVE.” Soon after, I had the chance to interview him about what happened, and his feelings on the situation. Due to multiple factors, the interview was regrettably never posted. But in light of the recent questions, here is part of my interview with “Sharp Dressed John.”

John Reed was never meant to be an on-air talent. In fact, his background is in South Florida radio. Before making the transition to TV and WSFL, he worked as a webmaster for “The Paul and Young Ron Show.” Before that, he worked behind the scenes in producing radio shows. His TV career started when he was offered a position as a “web producer” for WSFL and their new “hip and young” morning show.

According to Reed, he eventually made the transition to actually working on-air. He was brought on to be the “comic relief” and “funny guy” of the show. If you recall, his segments were usually upbeat, lighthearted, and not “hardcore news.” Unfortunately, it appears as if WSFL is re-tooling there morning show and “taking it in a different direction.” For this sole reason, “SDJ (Sharp Dressed John)” was called into management’s office one morning, and told simply that his services were no longer needed. He was let go on September 28th, 2009. He was not under contract. He saw this show (and his time with it) as “a great learning opportunity, and way to further his knowledge and resume.”

He did, however, want to make this point clear:

“Howard Greenberg with ‘The Sun Sentinel’ is a stand up guy. I honestly have nothing bad to say about the company. Dave and Kristen are the best, and you’ll definitely be seeing SDJ again”

SFLTV.com thanks “Sharp Dressed John” for speaking with us. Check out his website here.


Now, for anyone on the outside looking in, it’s no secret as of why “SDJ” was let go. The show that once claimed to be “a different way to start your morning” finally realized that South Florida was already happy with the way they woke up. This “re-branding” is obviously a last resort effort to try and save a sinking ship. So much for being “different.”

So what do you think? Was laying off “Sharp Dressed John” a good idea? Is re-branding the show a wise move? Vote below:

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  1. Have they really changed much? They dropped him because his segments were akward and hard to watch. They also changed the graphics and added a brief news segment, seperating it from the two main anchors. It’s still very much the same show it was when it started minus some characters.
    Another thing, why are you calling the show a sinking ship now? Are the ratings really that low? I’ve been asking for them for a while with no reply. Do you know something we don’t?

  2. SDJ was a cool dude. just not for tv. segment was on too often, didnt add to the show,and wasn’t visual enough

  3. I didn’t mind SDJ’s web updates during the comedy blocks, but ever since they used Kristen, I’ve just flipped around the dial.

  4. Lucky I’ve been on my meds this weekend, Mitch…for those who don’t recall her, Sally Fitz was likely the worst ever to fill an anchor chair in this market-and considering the drecch we have now, that is quite a mouthful. She was paired with a succession of unfortunate souls until they sat her with Rick Sanchez, and the rest is history. Her trademark delivery was something–she used to vibrate as she read the prompter. By the way, she graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, the single most questionable conferring of a degree since GW got his from Yale.

  5. Chuck, You mean you don’t like Sally and Geo W too? What type of American are you? I’m reporting you to Rush, Glenn Beck and the rest of those great Americans !!!!!!!!! Besides Rush gives me a discounts on my Meds. I guess he gets them cheap somewhere. Praise the Lord !!!!!!!

  6. i noticed that wsvn has an opening for an anchor/reporter. what time slot is the position for? Today in Florida weekends?

  7. They need to get rid of the weather guy, Jeff Melcarz too. He is the worst example of an attempted meterologist I have ever seen. You can not put a suit on a roach and call it a person.


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