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Former WPLG & WSVN Reporter, Blasts Liberal Media


Several weeks ago someone on Twitter posted a picture showing WFOR being picketed by a small group of people. Last week while poking around the interwebs I found out WPLG got picked also. The small group of people, about a dozen or so, can be seen standing on the grass and sidewalk next to WPLG’s building holding sings saying “Media won’t ask so we will. Where’s the birth certificate”, holding signs that promote a popular right wing website etc…

Photo: Flickr@beleaveme
Photo: Flickr@beleaveme

Olga Bichachi, a former reporter at  WSVN and then at WPLG, appears to have been at the protest as well. In a video recorded at the protest, and posted on Youtube, Bichachi criticizes the media for covering trivial stories like house fires and shootings and for being run by “liberal people”.
“…the good citizens of the US are protesting the changes that are being made in our nation, in our liberties, in our schools and no one is listening to us… and we’re not going to stop trying to get this nation back on its right track until its on its right track”

“…the people who control the media are very liberal. There’s no doubt about it. I’m not making this up. These people are liberal. They’re following their own agenda”

The complete video of Bichachi’s statement after the jump
/photo credit: Beleaveme on Flickr/

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  1. Yes, I can believe Olga Bichachi would be stupid enough to participate in something like this. Getting bored at home, Chooch?

  2. I love these right wingers still trying to prove Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. after the state of Hawaii cerified his birth certicate. Funny thing is McCain wasn’t born in the U.S. He was born in the Panama Canal. Maybe that explains his “wishy washy” ideas.

    • She is not -the people that run the media may be a majority liberal, but the people that own the media are by far conservative. This strikes a balance, that multiple studies prove that the MSM is pretty balanced. She’s right about criticizing them for covering house fires and shootings, but that is not a left or right issue, its a moral issue.

  3. FDR was born at Campobello, which is across the Canadian border. People need to start quoting the Constitution and law in general if they can neither read nor comprehend it. As to Olga’s friend, sorry dear-local media does not possess enough intellect to take any side. If they seem biased, it’s toward the most graphic, nauseating pictures they can find. Olga was just another of the empty heads propped in front of a camera. If you have a brain, they systematically remove you. God did I love hearing Kelly Craig on Big yesterday.

  4. Er, I meant stop quoting what you don’t understand. GB can feel free to admonish me for violating my own rules of use. I will accept my punishment.

  5. Chuck, you better hope Gb’s punishment for you isn’t a night out with Diego. That would be a evening that would cause nightmares for life !!!!

  6. I see Olga working as Glenn Beck’s new field reporter real soon. Reporting her side of the story and scaring millions with conspiracies.

  7. some say “Conspiracy” well, how can an extreme liberal idealogy be called such when we have foreign and Government officials here in the USA calling for one world Gov’t etc..openly??
    We have a President that produced a certificate of “Live birth” from the state of Hawaii wich is not the same as a birth certificate. Where is the investigative journalism? Obama also has
    marxist, lobbyist, globalist etc. etc. in the White house and somehow anyone that points this out is a “Conspiracy theorist?”
    What is wrong with Americans….If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a…….boat? C’mon fellow Americans

  8. Matthew.,….the state of Hawaii( their office of birth records) certified his birth several times. On top of that the local newspaper provided his original birth announcement in the newspaper. But with you right winged haters, nothing is good enough for you !!!! BTW did you know John McCain was not born in the USA ???? He was born in the Panama Canal, maybe the reason why he has be so “wishy washy” on his statements over the years !

  9. Mitch, don’t confuse things with the facts. These people believe that if they continue to repeat falsehoods over and over again, people will accept them as fact. Just like with the WMD’s and the alleged connection between SH and OBL.

  10. OK, my turn!| Matthew, FDR was born at Campobello, which is actually in Canada. Now go back to Drudge and keep your claptrap off this site. We have enough mouth breathers here. Oh, and you are an idiot.

  11. These people support Palin who is scared “shitless” to appear on “Meet The Press” because they will show the “Real Palin”…….Palin, stay with FOX, they won’t show the real you ! These dumbass people……they just don’t get it !


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