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SFLTV Voice: Joel Connable Lawsuit


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  1. Bring Joel back and make it a 3 way at 6pm , 7pm and 11pm
    with Julia, Jackie and Joel

    sounds hot

    I need a Cold shower

  2. You all are biased. Anyone who has held a job knows that you DON’T break company policy. There is no exception to that, and I happen to be a strong believer in that.

    Also, it’s not exactly like Joel was doing them justice, they were badly rated then and haven’t improved or worsened since he left. So if i were looking at it in a business standpoint, 2 birds killed with one stone! Money saved, disobedient employee gone!

  3. Graham – you miss the point that that Connable never actually broke company policy. In fact it was the station that violated its own policies in the way it handled the near-incident.

    I think we can see who it is that has bias, Graham. It’s you.

    • Ok, so maybe NBC lied, still ratings are bad, heads must roll. Again I reiterate, he didn’t exactly have a #1 rated newscast, and it hasn’t declined since he left.

  4. The higher-ups at NBC have turned this South Florida TV station into a serious train-wreck… it’s no wonder WTVJ has become a joke. Even FOX, ABC, and CBS have put the peacock network to shame.

    IMO, former ND Yvette Miley should have been gone a long time ago, and NBC ought to be canning Ardy and Tammy too. Many people wish to see Nespral gone too. Instead, NBC cans Joel.

  5. Actually ratings were up at NBC when Joel was on th air. We are down quite a bit since he left. 6pm and 7pm and barely making a mark. Joel brings in viewers.

    • That is not correct. The ratings at NBC 6 are more or less the same since he has been gone. It fluctuates. Still I will stand by what I said, he obviously was not #1 material, cause Channel 6 wasn’t #1 then or now.

  6. I spoke to a long time WTVJ employee via email who said there is more to Joel’s firing then has been printed but couldn’t go into it in the email, as their emails are being monitored, as we know by now


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