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WSVN DTV Issues; Granted Power Increase


WSVN seems to be having issues with their DTV signal.

The station had to request ask the FCC for a temporary increase in signal powerwhich was granted. 7 is now broadcasting at 63kW up from the FCC-mandated 31kW

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  1. yeah…major issues. apparently we’re not showing up on non-cable/satellite televisions south of kendall and north of lauderhill. oops.

  2. I guess that answers my question why I couldnt pick up ch 7 on my indoor digital antenna for a few days. Now i get it along with a weather channel that 7 has on its sub station.

  3. that’s funny because Channel 7 up here in Boston (WHDH) is having the same problem. They have resorted to simulcasting their signal on another channel for the time being

  4. Both 7 and 10 are coming in better than prior to the switch. That goes for my widescreen hooked up to my roof antenna and also my little portable with a single stick indoor antenna. The little portable never got 7 and 10 prior to the switch.

  5. I’m in North Broward and with my indoor antenna (I use it as a back up 4 my cable) Terk5 picks up every station except for 12 & 25. My 7 inch in my sauna doesn’t pick up quite as many, but still is quite surprising.


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