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South Florida: Say Hello To NBC Miami


This is all relatively new information, most of which is alleged, but it’s all coming from an extremely reliable source that has always given me correct information in the past. According to this insider at NBC6, we should be seeing NBC Miami very soon, possibly by February. Here’s what i know, and don’t know.

  • We will be seeing the new NBC O&O site design. Most likely, NBCMiami.com, since that is already registered by NBC and forwards to NBC6.net.
  • Don’t expect a new set design. The way I’m seeing it, lets be thankful that we’re getting anything new at all.
  • WTVJ won’t be getting new HD field cameras. 
  • Graphics are up in the air. I would be willing to go out and say WTVJ will get the new O&O graphics, but it’s still up in the air. 

If WTVJ did get new graphics, they would look something like this:

Or this:


Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that WTVJ is still on the market. The alleged “scoop” at NBC6 is that this year, they will be able to run the station as usual and work to make it better. You should also expect the hiring of new staff reporters. I’ll have more on the story later in the week. It’s also worth noting that, WTVJ is currently the only NBC O&O without the new site design and graphics.

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  1. I am very VERY disappointed they choose to call it NBC Miami. I do not live in Miami. I live in Broward. WTVJ is not in Miami they are in BROWARD. WTVJ should be call NBC South Florida atlease since they air to Broward, Maiami Dade, and Monroe.

  2. Alex, I hope nbc will allow the new graphics. I prefer nbcsouthflorida.com instead of nbcmiami.com, but I guess when a national reporter reports down here in south florida they always say Kerry Sanders NBC MIAMI. Kerry can report here in miami or fort lauderdale he will still say the same thing. If nbcsouthflorida.com is long nbcsfl.com. Also, can u look into if they can get a new set because the set is not HD compare to wsvn. OMG every thing on wsvn is so nice in high definition. So as of today, wtvj has it hd competition.

  3. Makes you wonder how those viewers in Clifton, NJ feel about WNBC being called NBC New York! or viewers in Pasadena, CA with KNBC being called NBC LA, or how about the residens of Manassas, VA and WRC being called NBC Washington!

    Miami is just right. 🙂

    • Don’t forget all the people in Northern NJ or Southern CT… that’s why they used to call them tri-state news channels (also the Philadelphia, PA/South NJ/DE ones) but I think NBC is ignoring that fact with the sites they put out.
      Also (according to wikipedia) we are part of the Miami metro area encompasses the east coast of Broward and PB anyway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Miamiurban.gif

  4. In 2000: NBC moves WTVJ to its current Peacock Plaza location in Miramar.

    Fast-forward to 2009: WTVJ is still broadcasting on that same news set. IMO, it looks very ghastly. I really wish NBC would give WTVJ’s news set a full head-to-toe makeover.

  5. If NBC does decide to give WTVJ’s news set a sorely needed makeover, I assume viewers could and might very likely be seeing something by the Clickspring Design Group. The new set design be similar to that of either WCAU Philly or WNBC New York.

  6. I hope they get rid of the set. That brown has outstayed its welcome on my TV(s).

    The new set would make things look much fresher than graphics would.

    And flip it around so we get to see the newsroom, it can make the newscast a bit more livelier.
    Granted WNBC nor WCAU have to deal with 20ft high ceilings
    But they already do South Florida Today with a newsroom backdrop so noise can’t be that big an issue

  7. I go to college in New York City and personally love the changes made to WNBC and I hope we see those same changes made to WTVJ. They call it NBC New York even though they serve parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, just as NBC Miami would serve Broward and the Keys as well. I live in Broward, and I like the name NBC Miami. We all live in the Miami metro area.


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