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Vagina Anyone?


If you watched the Today Show on January 5th, you got an extra helpin’ of it to start off your morning!

Have a nice day…

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  1. Thank you SFLTV that was great! You know she wasn’t wearing any chonies by the look on her face. Love that dirty biatch. Who knows, that couch might be getting more action than the recently promoted Joel Connable, but that’s a lofty assumption.

  2. Which is greater–the amount of botox in Kathie Lee’s face, or the amount of collagen in Lisa Rinna’s lips? Suddenly Kelly Ripa seems like the second coming of Eleanor Roosevelt by comparison. Also, can someone buy Hoda Kotb a vowel?

  3. Ahhh nothing like waking up to a nice image of a vagina on the Today show. Those are two words I’d never thought I’d say in the same sentence (Vagina and Today Show)… Then again…

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