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The SFLTV July Social Networking Sweeps, Part One


July sweeps are over and done with, if you work in TV news we feel for you hope you threw yourself a nice party and then slept for 12 hours straight. We would, sweeps are crazy times not only for the viewers. Of course now is time for the TV stations to get busy with the promos that they all are number one, and teh bestest ever and … well you know the drill. With that in mind I decided see how our stations rank in the social networking space against each other. Our own Social Networking Sweeps ratings thing-a-ma-jig of sorts. Totally uber scientific based on the latest data.

So how many people want to be friends with a TV station on Facebook and how many follow them on Twitter? The condensed version goes something like this – on Facebook: 7, 4, 10, 6 and on Twitter: 7, 10, 6, 4.

WPTV and WSVN both have the most Facebook fans. On Twitter WSVN leads, with WPLG not far behind – only 198 followers away.

The gritty details with numbers are after the jump. I’ve included the Palm Beach affiliates, as well as stations here in Seattle just to compare
WFOR 1,111 fans
WTVJ 238
WSVN 4965
WPLG 996

Palm Beach
WPTV 3633 fans
WPEC 352
WPBF 285
WFLX n/a

KOMO 744 (morning news show only)
KING 949
KIRO n/a (highschool sports only)
KCPQ 738

Miami/Fort Lauderdale
WFOR 958 followers
WTVJ 1240
WSVN 3798
WPLG 3600

Palm Beach
WPTV 1316 followers
WPEC 672
WPBF 343
WFLX n/a

KOMO 2759
KING 5685
KIRO 3216
KCPQ 2189

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