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Tom Doerr Considered for WTVJ News Director Job?


FTVLive Newsblues, says the now former WFOR VP and Station Manager Tom Doerr is being considered for the news director job at WTVJ which was recently vacated by Yvette Miley who left WTVJ for a gig at MSNBC

In November 2006 Tom Doerr moved to WFOR from the CBS-owned station in Dallas, TX where he was the news director as the network tried to revive WFOR’s sagging ratings. He replaced Shannon High-Bassalik who also left for a job at MSNBC.

In February of 2009, Doerr was canned by CBS after the network decided to get rid of all managers at their owned-and-operated stations, of which WFOR is one.

Doerr is University of Florida graduate and the last time he worked in the Miami-Ft Lauderdale market before coming to WFOR was from 1993 to 1998 when he was news director at WPLG.

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  1. Why run one station into the ground, when you can run 2 stations into the ground.

    Granted WTVJ is been in the ground since 2004
    Not much work left for him to do there, maybe put a clown to anchor the 11pm

  2. hiring tom doerr at wtvj would be like asking the janitor on the titanic to save the sinking ship. the man knows nothing about miami news in 2009. doerr destroyed wplg in the 90s. went to dallas and brought a great station to its knees. then was “brought in” to save wfor and ended up taking it right back to its days as WCIX when no one watched them because of how utterly boring the product was. way to go! now the station has no truck ops, experienced reporters & and talented anchors have been shown the door. while he can’t damage wtvj any more than it already has been — the only place doerr belongs is market 180. as a janitor.

  3. Speaking of aspiring News Directors, has anybody noticed how involved WTVJ “EP” Tammy Delgado has been lately? Her meeting with Ardy (station GM) must have contributed to her sudden change of attitude. She was instructed to, basically, quit the online shopping and begin acting like an Executive Producer. Maybe now she will actually proofread content before it airs. The misspelled supers and factual errors are inexcusable! Tammy, please get with the program (our program) and be a leader! This is not an attack – we just want our product to be better and live up to our station’s history.

  4. Interesting HaHaHaHa (not really) but Tammy Delgado Fans — you’ll LOVE this: go to VOICE123.com and look her up on the voice talent wanna-be website right now. The former cheerleader can, get this, act girly and cute to breathy, sexy AND quirky. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE, according to Tammy, she can stretch way, way, way out of character to sound like an “airhead!” Let me say that again – WTVJ’s aspiring News Director can sound like an airhead!! No, I don’t believe that! NOT Tammy Delgado!! She accepts Paypal – so please hurry, act now and hire this struggling voice talent immediately before she removes her services forever. FYI: the bug-eyed photo is priceless! Also, Tammy fans, please stop emailing me about her weight: that is mean spirited and absolutely inappropriate for this forum. We love working with Tammy and wish her nothing but continued success.

  5. TVJ has a wonderful crowd of workers, to have Tom be the leader would be tragic.
    6 needs a news director with feelings and a appreciation of diversity.
    Have you seen what he wears on Fridays? Creepy.

  6. Let’s be honest. Tom Doerr is a perfect fit for WTVJ. Why? Because he’s a screwup that can drag a station down in no time. Ardy loves these type of people because they are the only ones that can make her look (somewhat) competent. Look at her past mangement hires, who’s been a success there? (Insert the name of your least favorite manager here and then began ripping them apart).

    If people like Doerr & Ilyas Kirmani are the leading candidates for this job, it’s clear that Ardy has one mission: Destroy WTVJ to the point of near existence, so it can be sold off cheaply and left for someone else to pick it up and put it back together.

    So, to all you WTVJers, if you think the worst is behind you, think again. All your captains have abandoned the sinking ship and there’s a category 5 hurricane approaching ready to tear apart what’s left.

  7. Are you serious? Ilyas? When he was at WFOR he ran blood and guts stories on Christmas Eve…nice. Maybe he knows news but he doesn’t know TV or it’s viewers. Poor TVJ, why do we keep getting handed sandbags to stop the leaks of a sinking ship?

  8. I was watching Ch.7 just now. They showed clips of Jay Leno’s final show. Robin Simmons commented at the end: “Jay Leno is on a station, that no1 watches.” After that the camera went back to the plex with Reed & Robin. Reed said, “Whoa or What” and Robin said, “What, we’re on at 10. I was shocked because she went on air and said something about WTVJ, which is true. When will we see a new WTVJ? The station has alot of history and community presence. NBC needs to clean house, which they are not going to do.But, come on it is kind of embarassing for another station to make fun of knowing how much drama the station and the company are going through.

    • Must suck to be Robin. All the people who work “at the station no one watches” make at least twice her salary, and don’t have to drive through the hood to get to work. Throw all the stones you want… nobody even knows who Robin Simmons is.

  9. WSVN should not talk to much all their ratings took a dive. Their main show at 10pm lost 50% of their ratings. That is HUGE. Of course they blame that it’s due to the placement of the neilsen boxes instead of just going by the honor system and they would like to see that back into play. Local news as a whole is not what it used to be. Those days are over. The future are VJ’s Photog/reporters that can do it all. Interns are being taught this that are getting into the business. Will it be like this the next year probably not but, in due time it will be. Local TV is a but a channel amongst a wide range of hundreds now being offered by cable/satellite/broadband services. They need to re-invent themselves and the stations that do that will succeed.

  10. Wow, I should have read what I wrote. You’d think I was in middle school for my writing. That’s what happens when you type thoughts out.

  11. WSVN’s ratings dropped overnight. on october 1 they had almost 50% less audience than they did the previous day. That is not normal.

    Then you have the fact that the Miami/Ft Lauderdale people meters are not accredited by the Media Ratings Council.

    And, Nielsen recently came out and said that their own ivestigation found out that households with people meters were not pressing the buttons correctly on the devices accurately, which caused the ratings to be under or over reported.

    Stations in New York and LA have sued because of the people meters. Murdoch sued as did other stations precisely because when the people meters came online ratings suddenly were dropping and audiences were gone literally overnight.

    People who watched before had to fill diaries out, now they have to push a button assigned to them when they are in the room watching TV

  12. A long time ago, when news was a priority in Miami, WTVJ was the king of the hill. Following the departure of Don Browne, so went WTVJ.
    Now word that Tom Doerr is up for the position is a JOKE, it shows that WTVJ doesn’t care. They’re only taking Doerr out of convenience since he’s still in Miami, clearly not for his expertise (look at the train wrecks he’s left behind).
    Why not promote a producer or assignment editor to the position, to give it someone who would actually take advantage of an opportunity, rather than hire a wind-bag who clearly has demonstrated that the game has passed him by.
    Good Luck WTVJ, you will need it!


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