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WPEC Owner Freedom Gives $2.6M in Bonuses to Execs


Jose Lambiet from Page2Live has a post on WPEC owner Freedom Broadcasting who gave themselves $2.6 million in bonuses as the company slipped into bankruptcy this year.

According to Page2Live Freedom Broadcasting president and West Palm Beach resident, Doreen Wade, got $150,000 bonus this year on top of her $300,000 salary and also billed the company for expenses as low as $12! Freedom’s executive vice president received slightly over $30,000 bonus on top of his $300,000 salary. HeatCity.org says in all Freedom’s suits awarded themselves $2.6 million in bonuses this year.

This at a time when Freedom Broadcasting is bankrupt and sitting on over $1billion in debt. In addition WPEC saw over 30 people laid off in April 2009 and then instituted salary cuts. WPEC anchors had their salaries reduced by 5% in July 2009 as part of cost reductions at Freedom.

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    • Obama just enslaved us to TRILLIONS of dollars in debt (to solve the debt problem), paid off Wall Street and you are mad about 2.6 million dollars paid to executives at a company you don’t even work for?

      I bet if it was you that was making the bonus you wouldn’t want to burn in hell.

      Did Jose ask if executives had received any salary cuts in the past like most other media execs have?

      I take it your employer doesn’t think you are worthy of a bonus.

  1. We have not been enslaved, you mouth-breathing moron. Go tune in Fox and shut the hell up. Fool. Obama has been given the task of cleaning the mess of morons like you.

  2. Well, then, no wonder Freedom’s in freaking debt!

    Also, CHUCK: Easy there with the insults. This is a BLOG, where people have OPINIONS. If you don’t agree with them, fine, but don’t go off your rocker like that.

    • I know I seemed harsh, but the rhetoric is over the top, and I am more than willing to listen to a rational dissent against Obama. This “enslaved” stuff is nonsense and I wonder why the comment came from a user name I’ve never seen on this site before. The propagation of Fox News talking points is annoying to me.

  3. Geo w W Bush was handed a surplus and crapped it away and also gave his rich friends big tax breaks. Then he had the drug companies put together a progam for seniors that no one , but the drug companies could understand. He refused for 8 years to do anything for healthcare for the working person, but was trigger happy to sent our troops anywhere, since it wasn’t his ass when he was in the Coast Guard (so he wouldnt have to go overseas) and wouldn’t have to worry about losing a limb. Obama has been handed the biggest mess any president had been ever handed. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and even Donald Trump(who didnt vote 4 him ) have been supportive of his economic program. If, he didn’t bail out the banks their would been a loss of everyones IRA’s and most large corperations would have closed since most work off bank loans. Bush himself, started the bailouts with GM and Goldman Sachs at the end of your term, in case you might have forgotten. How soon they forget !!!!

  4. exec sweet: Ditto what those above have already said. You’re post indicates that you’re simply an idiot.

    MockTV: Chill out with the police state mentality. Lots worse has been posted here without a peep. Got a beef? Take it up with admin.

    • Mitch, hate to say this, but working at the same dump as Beck and Hannity means Bill-o is only the bronze medalist in doofiness. Still gets the gold in the loofah though.

  5. DISGUSTING!!! A Photographer was hit by a car and almost killed working for them, and his last Workman Comp. check bounced because of this BS!


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