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WPLG to Have a Garage Sale in May


WPLG will be auctioning off all the left over stuff they couldn’t take with them to the new Pembroke Park digs.

The auction will take place on May 14th at their old building on Biscayne boulevard and everything must go. From uplink, production and editing equipment to office and business equipment.

Is there a Dwight Lauderdale desk? Alex can you drive a Uhaul?

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  1. If Dwight’s desk is still there, check the top drawer for his mustache…extra bonus! I hear it has magical powers.

    • I heard that watering it will cause Chuck Norris to sprout. Then, he’ll proceed to roundhouse you just for the hell of it.


  2. God how i miss Dwight Lauderdale. Local10 News has not been the same since he left, and you can see, and read it, in Laurie Jennings’ face every night.

  3. I call Laurie’s desk. I mean I can only imagine all the makeup from Mac, Revlon, Avon etc etc she has hide in it. I cold probally paint all the drag queens and clowns of South Florida.

    The Illness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I heard thru the grapevine that Belkys is planning on buying a few cosmetics off the the garage sale to complement her wardrobe

  5. LOL
    long as she doesn’t take any tips on how to apply the make up from Larie Jennings then Belkys will be fine with her makeup.


    • Hi, D. Now c’mon, let’s be real. Especially in HD, Belkys is just horrific. Her makeup person has to have come from the last circus that hit town. True, Laurie’s got it caked on, but she looks great. I’m honestly surprised that you can’t appreciate her look. That said, let’s wait until the end of the month so we can compare them in HD.

      Alex/admin: When WPLG goes local HD, can you guys post HD caps of Belkys and Laurie side by side and ask for a vote? Might be a fun thread.

  6. Joe,

    Thank you for agreeing that Laurie has it caked on. I agree lets wait and see when they go HD.

    Then we can finally see what what the TEA is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • D, she definitely has it caked on, but she still looks terrific IMO. OTOH, Belkys has about eight pounds of eye shadow and looks like the perennial trick-or-treater.

      BTW, what’s TEA?


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