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Breaking: CNN’s Rick Sanchez Fired After Radio Rant


Well that’s surprising, not. After Rick Sanchez’ rant on an XM Radio show yesterday in which he called ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart prejudiced and that CNN and other major media is run by jews and liberal left-wingers he was fired today by CNN.

The news network just released a statement saying, “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.” Sanchez’ CNN show ‘Rick’s List’┬áhas been replaced by ‘CNN Newsroom’ from 3-5 PM until they choose a replacement.

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  1. Oh Rick. Come on back home. We’re here to support you. Forget your troubles. Go to Monday night’s Dolphins game. Enjoy yourself. Have a few beers. Foget your troubles for a few hours. Go back to your car and head out from the stadium…..OH NO!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!

  2. worked with him back in the 90’s before the “plex” and during the “plex” should have been canned with Fitz, LOL he seems to always screw himself out of good gigs.

  3. oh yea forgot, had the pleasure to work him again at CNN… Damm did I say pleasure, lol. Seems the man always popped up at every station I worked at, umm in Jacksonville Florida now. God I hope he doesnt show up here….

  4. You take the boy out of Hialeah but not the Hialeah out of the boy
    Rick stay out of South Florida
    we remember Alberto san pedro and your dash to Houston to avoid the controversy.
    we remember the Monday night football game and the settling of “your nerves”
    we remember the “Rick Sanchez Show ” and the horrible production values of that train wreck
    just stay out of here with your bigoted and anti semantic undercurrent, we don’t need it

  5. His career has to be over. Lets hope it is. It should’ve been over two decades ago. Lets not blame his obnoxious nature on Hialeah either. That town has been able to produce plenty of fine athletes and entertainers throughout the years that weren’t complete dopes.

  6. You guys are forgetting the crocodile tears after Hurricane Andrew, and the Hurricane Andrew benefit concert at JRS; you know, when the crowd cheered Brian Norcross…Guess how the crowd reacted when they handed the mic to Rick. Uh huh…Ego crushing.


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