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Breaking: WFOR to go HD TONIGHT


Just as SFLTV.com told you FIRST, the long-awaited CBS local news affiliate, WFOR, is finally going HD… Tonight!  According to multiple anonymous tipsters, and finally confirmed by CBS4 reporter Gio Benitez via Tweet, “CBS4 News goes HD tonight at 6:30!” This not only means that they will be transmitting in HD, but will also debut their new graphics package and news studio. Check out the new CBS4.com logo; a possible hint to the on-air graphics.

CBS4 is the last English news affiliate in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale market to make the switch to High Definition. View Gio Benitez’s Tweet after the jump.

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  1. CBS4. There they go again. Leading the market.

    Their news cameramen will still shoot and produce SD. They have no live trucks capable of HD. They will still edit on SD equipment in field from the mid 90’s. They can not accept HD satellite feeds.

    Hybrid HD is more accurate.

    • WPEC is stuck in the exact same position. It’s been nearly two years for them. Hopefully they can get some upgrades soon…

      • WPEC wont get anything more since their owner is bankrupt. They are lucky to even be HD, only because they are Freedom’s flagship. None of the other Freedom stations i believe are even doing news in HD.

        Most stations do still do SD from the field around the country.

        • Of course, how could I forget the bankruptcy? I read it right here on this website, didn’t I? Plus, we’re still in a down economy, as far as I’m concerned.

          Also, by SD, do you mean a 4:3 aspect ratio? I would imagine that in an HD era you would at least do widescreen for field shots (“enhanced definition” is basically SD video but with a 16:9 aspect ratio). I’ve read that some stations (I don’t remember which ones exactly) use HD cameras for the studio, and ED for field shots.

    • I work around the WFOR studios, and while driving around to grab lunch, I saw a live truck being delivered to the FOR studios, maybe they ARE doing the upgrade?

  2. WOW, that was fast!! I don’t think anyone else took that short a time to build a whole new HD set…almost two weeks, I think! The new logo looks okay to me, by the way…

    Hopefully 615’s custom “Moving Forward” package will still be in use, I think it’s pretty good.

  3. With the new budget cuts, “breaking news” will start will someone dropping a glass they bought at the 99 Cent Store.

  4. um hello? I’m in the SFL
    got my new DCX3400 box waitin to fire up the recorder … in HD!!!
    just hope the game doesn’t screw up the schedule 😀

  5. whoever edits the song blue moon or any other blue song underneath the video of the completely blue set will make it perfectly hilarious

  6. Looks nice much better than WPLG Set

    However I want A bigger Desk for them all to sit at


    Why are Maggie and MR Ed anchoring LOL

  7. Love the new logo & set. What about the music? They are still playing that crappy cheap music. This makes WTVJ as the only station that does not have a new set in recent years. That big NBC logo with the blue, green and yellow looks so dull. This year will make 10 yrs. since the move from 316 North Miami Ave to Miramar and no major changes to the set. Sad, sad, sad 🙁

    • Both SoFla NBC stations are in that boat. WPTV in west Palm beach has not changed their set since they moved in 2000 as well.

  8. With WFOR in HD… it remains to be seen as to whether or not Univision and TeleFutura will switch their local news and programming to HD.


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