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WFOR Now HD; New Set


New CBS4 Open; Credit to TMBTD; CLICK to enlarge.

WFOR is now broadcasting in High Definition and from their newly built set. They premiered it on a delayed version of their 6:30PM news.  Updates and video soon…

Update: This looks like a soft-launch of a type. According to this article on CBS4.com, they are not broadcasting weather in HD.

“More work has yet to be done. In the coming months, you will see CBS4’s weather department broadcast in high definition. Eventually, the reporting done throughout South Florida communities will be in high definition as well.”

Update: WFOR has posted a video about the switch to HD here.

After the jump, an HD video montage by TMBtD.

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  1. I told you all it would look more or less the same, but a bit nicer. i see wrinkles in the city backdrop…something i also see on WPEC

  2. I have to agree with Chip, really. I did see the actual launch at around 6:38 (the AFC Championship Game ran a bit late), looks pretty good for the most part.

    As far was weather graphics, etc. …again, this was WPEC before they updated that technology. I guess it’s another case of déjà vu for me.

  3. cbs4 trying to polish a terd… major fail! once again. that set sucks, just like their product. and they ruined the logo, it looks small market..btw, did you see how old shannon whore’ looks from the side view. she has high mileage,and will be replaced soon by an intern. she should have stayed in orlando

  4. I like the new graphics & set for the most part. The only thing that bothers me is that new bug. The big white oval that says HD on it? It’s really distracting! Glad they finally got rid of that Times New Roman font though.

    • Take a closer look at the desk and you’ll see that it’s the same one from the old set, only recycled and updated for the most part.

      Taking a look at the graphics, the only complaint I have is that the CBS eye in the background looks chopped.

  5. While I agree that the backdrop wrinkling really needs to be fixed, overall I think it looks pretty good. Refreshing to see HD, finally. And “wplg producer” – you’re an ass.

  6. their new set has more blue in it than smurfette…the bkgd is wrinkled…wonder if the alternate one for the a.m. show will be the same?

  7. The set for me doesnt flow. In this day and age people are not just posting pictures and calling it a sett. If I were new to South FLorida, would I think this thing was recently update? Not really. I do like the grapics, but the set is a let down. I expected more especially since they took two weeks to put it together. I thought I would have been a complex new design when all it is is just an update of the previous.

  8. wplg producer,


    what a joke you are to begin with I mean it is one thing to bad mouth CBS4’s new look. However a totally different thing to bad mouth Shannon Hori. I mean it’s big words coming from a little pathetic excuse of a human being like yourself hiding behind a computer. I watched the entire newscast and Shannon Hori looked great. I think it might be time for you to head to the nearest PEARL Vision and get your eyes checked. However it also may be time for you to upgrade that 20 year old television you still have instead of hitting it on the side invest in some money to upgrade. Shannon, you looked great as always don’t let the A** Clown called WPLG Producer bother you. I mean when he or she can get on camera and look half as good as you do then we can talk.


    Ym how was that and HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW you DOIN !!!!!!

  9. I like the set. I HATE the logo, and I HATE the mic flags. It looks super cheap-o depot. And, I think that they should’ve done all the HD transition at one time, because I think it’s weird that they are switching from HD in the studio, to the HD curtains for Weather. On the field, it’s fine, but when it’s still in studio, it all needs to be fluid. With that said, I think there’s more negative than there is positive to this HD transition… thus far anyways.

  10. that bug is way too big and intrusive
    it would probably be better if the white background is gone

    overall i like but it’s nothing jarring
    The set looks better from a distance. Though nice to see they finally ditched the monitors behind the anchors!

  11. New set… It looks nice to me. True, WFOR needs to fix the backdrop to get rid of the wrinkles. I do believe they could have got a wider anchor desk to seat 4 on-air talents (2 anchors, 1 weather anchor, and 1 sports anchor) behind it. My grade: A-.

    Graphics… The new “CBS 4” logo with the wave below the 4 looks okay to me. The on-air bug would probably look better if WFOR had opted for a “cbs4.com HD” placed below the wave line below the 4, instead of the “HD” to the right of the 4. The time and temperature bug can stay above the 4. The name-bar graphics, over-the-shoulder graphics, and news opening look very nice. Weather graphics have yet to improve. My grade: B.

    Theme music… I don’t have working audio on my computer at this time. I’m guessing that CBS 4 kept “Moving Forward” by 615 Music. Unless, 4 switched to a different theme, like “Heart of our City” by In the Groove Music… or “The CBS Enforcer Music Collection” by Gari. If I could grade it, I’d most likely give it an A.

  12. The set is a major disappointment. I cannot believe they recycled that crappy news desk that hardly seats two people. I also cannot believe they still have that cheap light “wood” all over the place. It looks very dated! And you would think since they are SO far behind the other Miami/Fort Lauderdale stations in rolling out HD that they would have had all field reporting and weather in HD. Antonio Mora’s creepy smile just got creepier in HD–I didn’t think it was possible! You would also have expected some new music and an opening that did not resemble the old stale one! I guess I will be sticking with Channel 10!

  13. I like the look… a lot actually.

    Could it be that the “wrinkles” in the backdrop are intentional? The way it’s ruffled, it looks that way. Could be thy were going for more of an artsy type look that a typical flat background. Just my thought.

    Not that any of this matters to the actual viewer. I give the station props for biting the bullet and spending the cash to go HD in a time when that’s not the easiest financial decision to make.

  14. Yuck, it looks like something you would’ve seen 10 years ago in Tampa. Let’s face it, this is Miami, it’s not your average television market – it’s time the stations stop ignoring that and embracing it. Inject some COLOR into the graphics/set. They should have gone for an Art Deco inspired look, instead of what they have now which is very Broward County Bleh.

  15. Love the video posted here….

    Never seen such a kiss ass “look what I did boss” segment done before. Dropping names and people behind what they did at work. Of course the the director of operations will be there “the first time”….it’s his freaking job to be there. The “old new” lady, c’mon what are a acting like a kid. Lady I hope you don’t treat your employees with that condescending voice.”what are you like 45 years old”

    It’s more look like a “don’t fire me/lay me off” segment more that it was about HD.
    We know wfor is playing catch up, and it’s a big deal for them to get a some what decent look on air.

    But it’s coming off like some old lady, that just got a facelift.
    Her face might look a little better, but it’s still that same old bitter lady underneath…

    and yes, it looks very local Tampa. With it’s cruise liner logo….

    • It’s obvious you do not work in the news business, otherwise you would know reporters do not choose their stories. They are assigned them by management. Also, managers copy edit every story that goes on air. Yes, this was thinly veiled promotion, just like 99% of the other stations have done after switching to HD, but trust me, it wasn’t the reporter’s idea.

      Also, I wouldn’t make fun of Tampa news too much. Maybe the Miami stations are flashier and/or prettier than Tampa, but remember this, Tampa is a larger market. Also, there’s a lot more quality journalism that happens in Tampa/St. Pete in one day than what Miami cranks out in a month.

      Bottom line, nothing to get worked up over. It’s a TV news department in Miami getting a new on-air look. Not very high up there in the list of things to be angry about, as the tone of your post suggests.


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