Home Bloopers Get it? He was talking about his penis.

Get it? He was talking about his penis.



Update: …Or was he?

Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard of WSVN’s sister station, WHDH, is getting a lot of unwanted attention the past few days around YouTube, because of an off-color joke he made. While presenting the weather, Bouchard made a joke that came off as comparing his penis size in relation to the 9 inches of snow that fell. View the video after the jump.


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  1. When you watch the clip it’s obvious he’s referring to how BIG he appears on screen… once he walks forward. To prove my point, he even scrunches down for a moment! Those “shots” are supposed to be “framed” ahead of time (by the floor crew). If they’re not, the on-air person appears huge. Give the guy a break and get your mind out of the gutter, people. Just bad timing and coincidence!

  2. “Know better”? Isn’t weather un-scripted? No teleprompter helping out. Occasionally, there’s going to be a slip-up… but I really doubt that he meant to make a joke about his penis. C’mon. His only fault was ad-libbing about an obvious framing error (which he doesn’t control). Just move further back… away from the camera and keep your mouth shut about the obvious, Peter… or Pete… or Penis.

    • after looking @ it again, your right. he over stepped his boundaries on the green screen. Anyone who doesn’t know about tv can take it out of context. Bottom line: he shouldn’t have saved that joke since most people don’t understand broadcast jargon.

  3. Whats slipping? Must be your mind. These weather guessers should know how to ad-lib and what NOT to say. Petie (or Petite)is more like it in his case.

  4. Ironic! that your screen name is “Be Nice” yet you’re the one that needs to practice what you preach (or… Petech)?

  5. Im sorry Ms. B nice, but defender is right. I heard this clip yesterday on the radio and felt exactly how you felt. But now that I have watched the clip it is completely obvious that he was referring to the screen shot.

  6. He’s just trying to get a transfer to Miami. I’m sure he’s sick of Boston’s Winters. Maybe Deco Drive will have its own weatherman. Just sayin’

  7. It must be an inside joke. He stayed on the edge of that picket fence. If he likes his paycheck he should stay off that fence. It wasn’t funny and you would have to be in his orbit to relate. Lesson to be learned, dont say everything aloud that’s on your mind Einstein. Switch to decaf and calm down sparky.


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