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Daily Show Pans CNN Rick Sanchez


funny stuff. Daily Show pans Rick Sanchez and CNN’s coverage of tsunami warning after Chilean earthquake

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  1. You can take the boy out of Hialeah but you can’t take Hialeah out of the boy…Remember him on that short stint at NBC6 with his own “talk show”? I hadn’t seen production values so low since Scrubby fell off the cardboard fire truck on Skipper Chuck

  2. This is an all time low. CNN usually shines with their extensive coverage of these world events, but Rick is just a joke now. He has sunk CNN’s afternoon ratings down the drain. Just give the whole block back to Wolf Blitzer.

    • Well, one good thing about Rick “DUI” Sanchez being at CNN, the streets of Pembroke Pines are much safer! 😀

  3. yeah, not for long. He’ll be back, and Ansin will welcome him with open arms (unless he goes to work for Fox News Bureau / Miami).



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