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Dave Damian Returns to WTVJ as Weekend Meteorologist

David Damian Photo: Facebook

David Damian who at one time worked for WTVJ is back at the station doing the weekend weather on freelance basis according to his LinkedIn profile. Damian is taking over now former WTVJ meteorologist John Gerard’s duties who recently left.

Dave Damian worked as a meteorologist at WTVJ  from March 1993 until January 1998 when he moved to WPLG where he remained until 2004. Most recently he was a geographic analyst for NAVTEQ.

Welcome back to the South Florida airwaves

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  1. I thought WTVJ gave him a bad deal last time, he was moved around until he was doing 6 and 11 and then……..he was gone. I wonder if he still has his rock band.

  2. Lol…good ole Gary Travers…..back in the 70s, it was Arnie Warren, Ned Powers Don Wright and Bob Gordon……..those guys sure made their rounds around the stations.

  3. I just saw David’s premier back on WTVJ………………boy has he aged.,…wow! He looks about 50 ( he’s prob around 40 though )…….wonder how long before he’s doing the early morning show .

  4. Everyone “ages”, give the guy a break. Good to see Ch 6 going to someone with south FL experience! Can you imagine the alternative? You’d have someone just out of college and green… in time for Hurricane Season! DD has proven himself in this market (and,no, this is not him writing this).

  5. I’m sure looking the way he does, WTVJ picked him up real cheap. maybe as cheap as someone just out of college. Unlike John Gerald, don’t don’t expect to see him on the week night news filling in, even though John was much older then him, but aging gracefully.

  6. Does he still have the southern “twwwwaaaang”? The voice (not the appearance) may be the downfall… but experience is still a big plus for 6.

  7. Dave looks fine, that is just a bad picture of him. Yeah he’s older than he was in the 90’s and he’s put on a little weight, big deal, everyone gets older. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and I think he’s good on air. I like the twang. I realize he’s not the adonis that Don Noe, Bob Weaver, Bob Soper, and Bryan Norcross were, and he doesn’t have the prison audience that a Bill Kamal might bring in, or the multicultural name of a Phil(ipe) Ferro, but give him a break.


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