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Deco Drive Set Goes Virtual


Our tipster ninjas tell us the Deco Drive set has been gutted and sent to wherever old TV sets go, heaven or the axe treatment. The set was removed and in its place a big green screen has gone up because the replacement will be a virtual set designed by the creative brains in the WSVN graphics department and will debut soon-ish.

A couple of years ago the Sports Xtra hard set was the first casualty of the big green wall a couple of years ago or so.

No idea why they’re doing this, to free up space maybe? It’s a bit cramped in that area over there and the show being static it probably won’t really make much difference even though the virtual sets pretty much always suck and look very very fake.

I will try to find out if the on-air look is changing as well, it kind of needs updating. It’s a hodge podge of HD and SD graphics rights now. DecoDrive.com needs some love too, lots of it actually by the looks of it!

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  1. I’m surprised Deco Drive isn’t syndicated. Deco Drive would give the ABC O&O show On The Red Carpet some serious competition.

    • It tried to be back in 1996 when it aired on sister, WHDH-TV. Ratings plummet because new englanders aren’t keen on the Ocean Drive style. And even if it was syndicated, which distributor would buy the show?

  2. The set is going to be pretty nifty, as far as virtual sets go. They built a huge chroma-key room for it. There is room for the anchors to move around and there’s a new neon-lit desk.

    That being said, this is all an effort to save money. Virtual sets cost nada to make. All it takes is just computers and artistic talent. There’s no need to spend cash on set pieces, lighting, etc.

    And yes, this will come with an all new graphics look. I think it’s supposed to debut very soon.

    • smh. Another piece of evidence of Ansin’s cheapness. Dude you’re going to die one day and you’re not taking a penny with you.

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  9. Its very unprofessional for any anchor to make faces while doing the news. Of course with Lynn Martinez’s face lifts it doesn’t help her cause.Maybe she needs to go back to school and learn how to report the news in a professional manner.

  10. Mitchell,

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  13. Diego, Once again your talking out of your as……! From 8th grade till I graduated college I took journalism courses every year, something you never did ( the reason why you actually think ch 7 is a real news station…lol) I took more hours of Journalism then Lynn Martinez ever had!

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  15. I wonder if 7NEWS will sell pieces of the DECO set? If so I will be first in line for the AUCTION. I mean they could donate the proceeds to a local charity.

  16. I think both Deigo and Mitch just need to shut the hell up already. You two are always going back and forth with each other and its annoying. Although i have to say Mitch its ironic to see you say such bad things about WSVN, but yet they are truly a leader in this market. Unlike other stations they have not yet had to lay people off, cut broadcasts etc. Other stations have looked at WSVN and modeled their newscast after 7.

  17. Micheal…..WSVN owner has had the reputation as being the most ruthless owner ever of a TV station in this area. Thats a well known fact. I hate to tell you but they are not number 1 as you stated. If you think flashing breaking story on the screen for a story that is several hours old and having to dummy up their news to the extent that they use matching letter in most of their headlines and having their anchor people making childish faces as they report the news, then you just proved to me that you have no background in this field at all.

    • Well the first thing is I never stated that they were number 1. Reread what i said. I dont have alot of background in this industry but i do have tons of experience on how to market to people and the entertainment industry. I like anchors that like to have fun with their viewers it makes the news alittle more enjoyable. Yes, they do have alot of “breaking news” but again with the whole thing about nelson ratings not being accurate so we do not know fully what the true ratings are. What I just said was that like it or not WSVN is a leader in the media industry. they have influence many other networks and stations.

  18. Michael, there’s a difference between the anchors having having fun and making total asses out of themselves making childish faces and total asses out of themselves. If you enjoy “breaking stories every five minutes, even if the stories are several hours old ( many times the crime scene has been totally cleaned up) then indeed, watch them. Interesting fact,WSVN viewers have less education then viewers of the others stations, what a surprise. Ask your doctor what news station they listen to, it won’t be 7. While I’m betting the guy who picks up your trash probably loves ch7. Enjoy your station.

  19. I never understood why everyone is always arguing on this blog. Just be mature, come here and read and post about the article. Sheesh, all of you need to grow up! Nobody here knows anyone in person, and you all are arguing like a bunch of sissies. GROW UP!

  20. If you all want to argue, friend each other on Facebook, and flood each other’s walls. Not here, where people read this blog because it’s a hobby. I don’t want to be reading everyone’s dirty laundry.

  21. If you all want to argue, friend each other on Facebook, and flood each other’s walls. Not here, where people read this blog because it’s a hobby. I don’t want to be reading everyone’s dirty laundry. (I’ll go on TMZ and Perez Hilton for that) 😉

    • Hear, hear! Everyone has their opinion on local TV news, and being that this is a blog it’s also 1st Amendment Rights. But let’s face it. So let’s settle the score:

      The only reason why 7 won’t cut jobs or do other stuff is because this is one of the FEW mom-and-pop owned TV stations unlike the others which are owned by big conglomerates and newspapers. (10 and 39 Newspapers, 4/33 and 6 Network O&Os.) So there. Sadly, the world can’t always be like PBS, or like Fox so I say to everyone to each his own!!!


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