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Jennifer Herrera: WPLG Anchor And Soccer Player


Some moms are soccer moms just because they drive a minivan full of kids and seats covered in fries but WPLG anchor Jennifer Herrera really is a soccer mom.

Turns out Jen started kicking the football at just 6 years old and aspired to compete in the women’s World Cup. The Herald has a blurb about her in the sports section of MiamiHerald.com and how her internship at WPLG made her choose TV news as a career

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  1. LOL, seems strange to see Ms. Herrera referred to as “Jennifer”. I bet if she ever works in NY or LA, she will go by that name.

  2. What is going on at WPLG????????? It’s my favorite channel- but may not be if they keep getting rid of their best employees! What a crummy way to make a living — always someone to take your job. I think Jen was great, just like Jason, they made a great team!! So sorry.


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