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Kevin Corke Debuts on WTVJ

Kevin Corke

The highly anticipated Kevin Corke is set to debut tonight on WTVJ. SFLTV.com told you about him last October when WTVJ announced Corke as Julia Yarbough’s replacement. Corke (pictured to the left) has anchored the news desk for NBC’s ‘Today Show’ as well as on MSNBC. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Corke will be hosting the 7 & 11 newscasts. This leaves the question as of who will host with Nespral on the 6PM show, or if she will continue to solo-host it. WTVJ is banking on Corke for ratings. Expect promos in the coming weeks about how experienced (at the national level) Corke is, and how trusted he should be. But is this enough to draw in ratings? Will Corke be enough to pull WTVJ out of dead last place? What do you think?

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  1. Kevin Corke is a great anchor and a nice guy in person. I will not watch Jackie Nespral at 6. They need to bring back Kelly Craig! I miss the sense of humor and a talented journalist. Why does WTVJ try so hard to promote Jackie? This is her 9th year being the lead anchor. Jennifer Valoppi gave up her seat, which I think she was forced in 2001. The management at that station is stupid.

  2. He’s coanchoring only at 7 and 11, not the important 6pm slot. What brainchild decided that? I guess they feel that Jackie is a strong. Thats like saying Belky or Lynn is a journalist ! Don’t make me laugh…….

  3. NBC6 FAN……..Don’t you like when Jackie frowns when she does a serious news story? It me me think she’s a female version of Ralph Renick. Poor Ralph must be rolling over in his grave.

  4. I just watched Kevin’s debut, Jackie was wearing 4 inch heels ( or maybe more). I guess this was to makeup for her “short commings” her brain ! Kevin looks to be about 5’8 and Jackie seemed like she didn’t want him to stand out over her. She must have “the goods” on an exc. at NBC,this could be the only reason why she still is the lead anchor there.

  5. I just saw the 1st news promo with Kevin, it puts the D in dumb. It ends with everyone but Kevin using breath spray. Kevin is prob. thinking “what the hell did I get myself into”?

    • I saw the same promo and thought “what idiots!”
      Superficial and just plain DUMB!
      Nothing surprising though from today WTVJ.
      One mistake after another. This poor new guy stepped into a real pile of @$#t.
      Hope he didn’t just commit career suicide.

  6. What did William Bendix used to say on Life of Riley “what a revolting sitiuation this is”….Chuck, help me out on this….Was that the quote? Kevin…it was more like a pile of shit, that he stepped into….

    • I believe the quote is “what a revoltin’ development.” Riddle me this–who would be more employable elsewhere: Jackie or Belkys? Even Sally Fitz got hired in Chicago when she married and moved. The standards are pretty much in the crapper. However, I liked Kevin Corke’s work at NBC and I think he will do well here. He’ll do better as a solo, if you get my drift.

  7. I noticed they say “anchor Jackie, coanchor Kevin……is this to keep Jackie happy ?????????? Are they afraid Jackie would leave and go to another station? They could never be that lucky !!!!!

  8. Riddle me this…If Jackie, Belky and Lynn were in boat and it started to leak, who would be the first to notice the boat was sinking? Well….Lynn would be looking for a mirror, Jackie would be practicing making frowns when she does serious news stories and Belkys would be putting more hair dye on her hair. The answer……gulp, gulp, gulp………


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