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Informants at WTVJ notified us a few weeks ago that we were officially banned from being viewed by WTVJ employees. According to our source, a memo sent out station-wide allegedly banned (and threatened termination) for any employees viewing SFLTV, NewsBlues, or any other applicable “insider” news website. Although this isn’t uncommon for news stations to do, (especially to prevent viewing in the workplace) I still find it rather ironic. The bottom line is that SFLTV.com (and sites like it) is a TV station “insider” news website. Our writers, content producers, and administration are, in fact by definition, journalists. We are a news website that specializes in local TV station industry news. The fact that WTVJ is censoring their employees from viewing a news website is, in my opinion, rather ironic.

Note: I’m not just picking on WTVJ. WPLG we’re told has similar bans in place.

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  1. If I were incharge I would want my employees to see sites like this often. It’s the best way to see public reaction to our moves. How can we improve? Take ideas from viewers…but i guess they dont really care about that. It’s their way or the highway. For Miami stations, I stick with WFOR and WSVN anyways.

  2. Since most of these employee’s are liberal why dont they speak up ? I mean can you imagine the out cry of Bush imposed such tactics ? I guess the real little ikeman’s work at wtvj.

    • I don’t think so. Their ratings are up over both wtvj and wplg. Didn’t you look at the comments in the last post about wfor????

  3. This is pretty simple. Your boss wants to restrict your internet access at work? Gee, if your web phone or netbook has internet and you’re out of the office, does your employer have the right to tell you what to view? Nope. So feel free to whip out your iPhone and surf, baby. I guarantee you someone at TVJ is reading this. Otherwise, why would they try to ban it?
    P.S.: Another year and Jackie is still your lead anchor. How do you say “millstone” in Spanish?

  4. I just saw that the new anchor Kevin Corke starts Monday at 7 and 11 pm . You mean Jackie is still gonna go solo at 6 pm ? I wonder what genius made that decision? I know for a fact, that WTVJ emails were being monitored at the station. Isn’t that illegal ?

  5. Just sitting here watching someone post comments on SFLTV in the wtvj newsroom…wonder what’s on cable

  6. WTVJ isn’t the iconic station that it once was. Quality is what most of us look for in newscasts and programs… WTVJ and NBC management can pretty much be described as “clueless”.

    Hope WTVJ can be sold to a company that may be willing to do whatever it takes to fix this once iconic station.

  7. I don’t know I’d go so far as to call this (and other similar sites) “news” sites. Wasn’t it just a short time ago that everyone was calling this a blog?

      • Alex, come on – a blog is certainly not a news source by definition – it’s a “web log”, which is more like a journalistic diary. If you disagree, can you cite your source for your definition?

        • I think it depends on who/what is doing the blogging. A team of people reporting news on a certain topic….is a news source. If it were a journalistic diary than one person would be writing about their thoughts on several things or a particular thing.

          • OK, so now we’re talking about what constitutes “news”.

            By your statement, if some friends of mine and I decide to post “There are clouds in the sky” (the topic being the sky) and call it “news”, we’re a “news source”. That’s simply absurd. Then again, the SoFla TV stations sort of do that all the time.

            How wouldn’t this site and other similar sites fit your description above of a journalistic diary?

  8. @Joe: We absolutely are a news source and site. The fact that you’re comparing the content on this site to the color of the site *is* simply absurd, and to be frank, insulting. Breaking the news (before everyone else) that a Miami TV station laid off the legendary Kelly Craig, multiple others, and canceled their weekend news is a little more complex (IMO) than the color of the sky. This is not a journalistic diary. In fact, most of our posts (at least we try) are kept unbiased and opinion free. As GB said, we’re a team of people, gathering mostly original content and news about the South Florida TV airwaves. I find you to be way off on your opinion.

    • Alex, don’t get me wrong – I like the site a lot. After all, I keep coming back. 🙂

      That said, you can consider yourselves anything you like. But claiming to be a news source and news site is simply absurd. Sure, you might have a coup on whatever story by a couple of hours, or even a day, but by and large most of the content I see is simply not what I consider news.

      Let’s look at today’s “front page”:


      Kevin Corke WTVJ Promo – a YouTube video and a reader’s poll.

      Tweets that may be applicable to SFLTV.com – Commentary on Tammy Delgado’s tweet “ban”.

      Kevin Corke Debuts on WTVJ – A reminder that Corke debuts the night of the post, and a reader’s poll.

      First on SFLTV: SFLTV Banned From WTVJ – Claims that TVJ employees were told not to visit SFLTV followed by commentary about how SFLTV is a news source.

      Happy 55th Birthday WPEC – WPEC history.

      Happy New Year from SFLTV.com – Seasonal.

      SFLTV Exclusive: WFOR to go HD in Early 2010? – Speculation about when WFOR will start broadcasting local HD.

      On This Day In History: WTVX wins against Disney – History.

      Happy Holidays from SFLTV.com – Seasonal.


      This is the front page of a “news source”? Hardly. Sure, season’s greetings are the norm this time of year, but most of the other stuff on today’s front page is tabloid stuff at best. Off the top of my head, it’s not unlike calling WSVN’s “The Buzz” news.

      You may find me to be way off on my opinion, but I think you might be a bit too close to the subject matter to be objective.

  9. And yet, here I am, reading this in the middle of the newsroom. NO such memo ever went out. Do you guys just make this stuff up? Please get some new “inside” sources. Thanks.


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