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Nathalie Pozo Joins the NBC6 Team


Today was the first day Nathalie Pozo began her endeavor aboard the WTVJ sinking ship. Pozo comes to us from WPBF, a West Palm Beach ABC affiliate. Pozo will be on Today in South Florida doing traffic reports, and anchoring the 11 AM “South Florida Today” show. In addition to having someone do the traffic on camera again, there is some tremendous eye candy, also. Pozo was Ms. Cuban American back in 2002. Best of luck, Nathalie! All of us at SFLTV wish you the best!

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  1. Nathalie is one of the sweetest, most hardworking people I’ve known. And unlike Roxanne Vargas, she actually paid her dues by working in a smaller market first. It’s too bad she’s joined the “sinking ship” but I hope she does well. Good luck, Nathalie!

  2. Eric, I thought the same thing yesterday morning. I wish her luck. I do not care for Roxanne Vargas and something needs to be done with Trinas makeup. She looks too shiny and her hair messy.

  3. I personally think Nathalie Pozo is a GREAT On Air talent. She looks like a younger Pam and is very pretty. I am glad NBC is moving on and improving their news.

    • Improving their news? It is really a joke. I use to watch NBC but cannot bare the station. So watch local 10, it’s polished and excellent broadcasting.

  4. Nathalie, I wondered where she went from WPBF 25 ABC in West Palm Beach. Yes, she is good looking, but poor attitude!… Very fake, stuck up, superficial personality… Big turn off to me!…..

  5. I had the pleasure of working with Nathalie once and I have to say I think she is the exact opposite of what is described above. Good luck nathalie you are you beautiful inside and out!

  6. I think Nathalie Pozo is beautiful. I havent seen her in NBC6 for a few days i wonder what happened to her.I miss her,i hope she did not loueave channel 6.At first i thought she was a relative of Pam because she looks a lot like her.But if she left i wish her the best of luck.

  7. I think NBC has really lost professional journalism credibility. Case and point Roxanne Vargas. Not only does she have zero talent she is a mean and rude individual, speaking from my own personal experience.

    Best of luck Nathalie who is a smart, intelligent journalist who is kind as well.

    One question why is a national billion dollar company hiring non educated, non graduates, no experience like Roxanne Vargas?

  8. MISS Nathalie Pozo Is a Great Traffic Reporter & She Gorgeous & She On NBC Miami Today Nonstop Scene Miami & Nonstop Foodies Miami & Once May Be Twice In a Blue Moon She may Be Filling In You May See Her In The Evening Fillnig For Roxanne Vargas ?

  9. get it together jeremiah.. grammar and punctuation are your friends. those are two of the most ridiculously unintelligible comments i’ve ever seen

  10. I was just wondering what happened to Natalie Pozo, Sheri Spear, and Roxy, i haven’t seen them on the today show in a while ?


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