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Gary Widom Lands at WPEC

Gary Widom
Gary Widom

Another Miami reporter has moved on to a Palm Beach station.

Gary Widom who freelanced for WTVJ has landed a morning feature reporter gig at Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC CBS12. Up until recently Widom was writing, producing and voicing news for WFTL radio in Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. Thats a guy that I thought WTVJ should have kept. I liked his style. Hey, anyone know what happened to that middled aged latin woman at WTVJ that started the same time as Gary? I think her name was Gloria.

  2. WPEC doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into with this guy.

    He loves attention and says things at inappropriate times. He’s creative, yes. But he’s not fun to be around and sometimes his sense of humor is belittling.

    Perhaps Gary just wasn’t in the right environment when we met. Things may be better between himself and WPEC than they were at prior places.

    Best wishes to all parties invoved. Ha.

  3. Mitch – her name was Claudia DoCampo… she was a YOH and worked her 1 year and NBC did not pick her up as full-time staff. Beyond that, I don’t know where she went.

  4. I heard they did sign her and at that time Gary and that guy Woods were let go. She was there for sev months after they got rid of all the temps. Many times she even had the opening story. I wasn’t a fan of hers, but thats what happened

  5. No They didn’t sign her. They needed her to stay to fill in during the holidays. It worked out for her as well as the station so she stayed.

  6. Bad timing. I see layoffs in the future of WPEC. Especially with this new CBS mandate. They can’t afford do go independent.

  7. From what I have seen Gary’s humor can be cruel and he seems very full of himself. Yes- there is no doubt that he has a creative side but his demenor is less to be disired. Palm Beach may find that out.


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