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New WTVJ “Community” Promo


In an apparent attempt to make the station feel more local to the viewer, WTVJ has started running new promo’s recently, that focus on the “Miami community and culture.” Interesting text at the ending, saying “NBC Miami News @ 11”

Video after the jump.

There is also a longer, 30 second version of this promo. Thanks to TMBtD for the promo.

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  1. I say kudos to TVJ — it’s one of the best local TV promos I have seen in a really, REALLY long time. It actually makes Miami look great!

  2. Wow – I actually like it. I’m impressed …. could this be a sign of new things to come at TVJ? Won’t be holding my breathe, but will cross my fingers.

  3. This is a really great promo. It’s too easy to tear down everything a station does, especially when it’s a station with a history of poor choices… but I actually love this promo, and so do non-news people who’ve seen it with me. I wish Jackie used that tone of voice in her newscasts and not just the promo. It’s very pleasant. Kudos to the promo team for stepping up with some interesting spots. The cheesy weather promo is excellent fun, too.


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