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WTVJ Re-brands Newscasts; NBC [Your City]

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It appears as if WTVJ (NBC6) has done some minor re-branding in the past few weeks, in an apparent effort to make the station feel more local to the viewer. Anchors and reporters have started to refer to the station as “NBC Miami” during general newscasts, where as reporters on assignment or from a live-shots refer to the station as “NBC [City filmed/reporting in].” This results in some interesting names for the station, such as “NBC Wilton Manors,” “NBC Davie,” and “NBC Hialeah.” At this point, no logo/voice over re-branding has taken place. Alert reader “Alain/TMBtD” points out that a recent promo refers to the 11 P.M. newscast as “NBC Miami News at 11.” Perhaps this is still in it’s experimental phase.

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  1. I don’t find WTVJ and NBC’s local news branding strategy too appealing. I would much rather see WTVJ newscasts branded as “WTVJ News”… the “-TV”, “-TV 6”, or “6” suffix between “WTVJ” and “News” being optional.

    I don’t believe South Florida viewers would be interested in seeing a WTSP-esque branding on WTVJ… “6 Connects”. I don’t know if viewers would be interested in seeing a WXIA/WPTA-esque branding either… “6 Alive”.

    The “11 Alive” and “21 Alive” brandings are very popular with the viewers of those respective stations… both stations are former properties of Combined Communications, which was credited for creating the “Alive” branding moniker during the mid-1970s.


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