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Olympic Ratings In The MIA Didn’t Get Better


Barry Jackson from The Miami Herald checked the local ratings for the 2010 Winter Olympics and it turns out they got slightly worse! Trough Wednesday February 24th Miami/Fort Lauderdale ended 56th among the 56 Nielsen metered markets. At the start we ranked 55th

However, WTVJ’s Olympic coverage won every night during prime time when American Idol was on. An average of 10.3 percent of Miami-Fort Lauderdale homes with televisions were watching the Olympics on WTVJ. New Orleans which at the start ranked dead last, had 10.7 percent of households with TVs tuned to Olympic coverage.

Of course this year you could watch live Olympics online, and as usual on a myriad of channels from MSNBC to CNBC and others.

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  1. I again wonder why that is. As was reported here earlier, WPTV has been doing extremely well in their telecast of the Olympics. Will it get any better (for either station) when London comes around in two years?

  2. That is not true. WTVJ was number one every night and we kicked everyone butt when it came to news as well. Our morning show was number one every morning. We also average a 9 rating point on the South Florida Today Show with Roxy, Trina and Bob. It is amazing what the new news director has done. They got rid of all the deal weight and kept the great reporters and anchors. kevin Corke has been amazing. Many of us think he is the best journalist in Miami. His anchoring just makes you want to watch and jackie is getting much more relaxed and better because of him. GO NBC6!!!

    • Also nobody said LOCALLY you had bad ratings, when compared to normal. But from statistically what you should have had in market 17, it was bad.

  3. You guys are totally thwarted In numbers by your smaller neighboring NBC affiliate and don’t want to admit it. Even many north broward viewers prefer 5 over 6 and have for some time.

    Best journalist in Miami?? Are you kidding me? Who is this guy again and why didn’t NBC keep him in ny?

    • lol. Corke does suck and adds to 6’s dead weight. Can’t TVJ see that other stations are going with younger livelier talent? They will always be dead last unless they find a way to reach younger viewers(this is Miami hello). If viewers hate the talent it wont matter what show leads up the newscast. Stop hiring rejects!


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