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The Daily Mail Picks Up on Hayward Story And Fails


UK rag Daily Fail… err Daily Mail pardon me, ran out of yellow ink  and ideas and picked up on WSVN reporter Derek Hayward’s recent arrest story slapping it in the ‘US Showbiz’ (?) category.

They probably ran out of eyeballs and fact checkers too because the article has some glaring errors. They somehow managed to get two things wrong in the same sentence:

The couple, who have been married 17 years,are well known media celebrities in Florida where Hayward, 59, is recognised for his British accent.

Hayward is a evening news anchor for the local Fox news station in Miami while his wife presents a show for a Fort Lauderdale station.

Derek Hayward of course is a senior reporter at WSVN which also is not a ‘Fox News’ station.

Also, the spell check police should note the way ‘well known’ and ‘recognised’ is spelled. The paper also erroneously reports Lisa Hayward was released on $1500 bond, it’s actually $2500. Phew!

Maybe they’re ran out of money and the bloggers took over

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  1. If WSVN is not the Fox affiliate in Miami, who is? What is wrong with the spelling of “well known” and as for “recognise”, er that is the British spelling (and they did invent the language).

  2. What’s wrong with the way they spelled recognized? In Britain it IS spelled “recognised” with a s instead of a z. Of course in Britain they’d state that they “spelt it correctly”. So you can’t really hate on the trash newspaper for typos when they were only spelling the word the same way 60 million other people in the UK do. They would also spell a word such as realize as “realise”

  3. save yourself the shame and delete this post SFLTV…

    if you’re going to make a post on another place making stupid mistakes, you better make sure you’re not making any yourself


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