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TMZ: FOX Pressuring Affiliates for 11pm Conan Slot


TMZ reporting the FOX network is putting the screws to some FOX affiliates to free up their 11pm to midnight time slots and make way for Conan.

The story doesn’t mention which FOX affiliates are  holding out, but it does say some stations are hesitant clearing their schedules for Conan instead of airing reruns of say ‘The Office’ with which they make more money.

I could be wrong, but from what I know when local affiliates are airing network content, either in prime time or otherwise, they are lucky if they get even 2 minutes of commercial time out of the nearly 20 minutes of commercial breaks each hour.

Locally speaking, WSVN is running 100% self-generated content from 11pm to 12am. Their half-hour newscast ‘7News at 11’, which acts more as a wrap up of the day’s news, has been a cash cow for the station ever since it debuted. They even expanded it around 2002 to 30 minutes from the previos 15 minute length. The DecoDrive repeat at 11:30 is another icing on the cake, providing 8-9 minutes of extra ad revenue with only staff needed at the control room which would be there regardless.

It would be interesting to see how FOX’s alleged demands play out with WSVN considering they are one of the (if not the), strongest FOX affiliates in the country.

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  1. Thats actually a smart idea. Conan will never stand a chance going head to head at the same time, Leno already regained his 1st place rating, amazing!

  2. If it even comes to that, I’m betting that WSVN will tell Fox to stick it where the sun don’t shine. No way they’ll give up their 11pm news and Deco rerun, especially when there’s no real ramifications to not doing so.

    Fox needs to define their expectations for their affiliates and either get tough with them or dump them.

  3. @Mitch: Leno scored those ratings thanks to the contractual scandal. When conan hits the air again, the same thing will happen with his show, then plateau. I suspect all three of them will take a ratings hit considering conan will be the ‘third leg’ in this late night war so to speak.

    @Joe: Don’t think that’s much skin off of WSVN’s back considering that deco is a re-run.

    • but it’s 100% of ad time versus whatever FOX network gives them. Maybe 2 minutes out of 20 the whole hour?

      I don’t know about 11pm but Deco at 7.30pm at least couple years back had ratings in the 2s and 3s rating points

  4. I could picture Conan getting a new late night show on FOX… reuniting with Andy Richter, Max Weinberg, and company. It would also remain to be seen as for whether or not he’ll stay put in Hollywood, or relocate back to his NYC roots.

    A thought I have in mind…

    Conan’s new show airing at 11:30PM on FOX affiliates that wish to offer and/or keep the 11PM local newscasts… 11PM on FOX affiliates that do not offer 11PM local newscasts at all. It’s just a thought.

  5. I think this report is funny considering many FOX O&Os like WTVT in Tampa have 11pm newscasts that are decent. I’d rather let the affiliates have the 11pm half and give FOX 11:30pm onwards. At least FOX can have a 5 min head start over the other two since ABC becomes a player at 12:05am.

    Then again I don’t see WSVN giving up their 11pm hour. Ansin tends to piss off FOX and NBC a lot and things calm down eventually. Plus FOX can’t piss off it’s big affiliates. The reality is that either side could drop the other and I think WSVN would be stronger as an independent than a FOX affiliate. It only works for them because of American Idol.

  6. Luis…Leno was no 1 in the ratings when he left and as soon as he came back. I guess you don’t like Leno……learn to live with it.

  7. LOL


    you to much

    I love LOUIS and Lynn on DECO DRIVE

    I like Connan also

    If they take the repeat of Deco off at 1130pm I may have to come over to your place and let you entertian me

    MITCH oh the Drama in that


  8. With Conan and Fox plotting a new late night show for Fall, 2010… I hear that NBC won’t be allowing the former Tonight Show host to appear on next month’s ‘Idol Gives Back’ special. Hmmm.


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