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WBFS My33 Re-branded


For the three of you out there who watch WBFS, an SFLTV reader tipped us that the WFOR sister station and MyNetworkTV affiliate has been re-branded from My33 to TV33.

You won’t see it on the website but if you were to tune TV33 during the 10pm news, the logo now is an orange circle with the number 33 in it. It is a little bit reminiscent of the logo CBS gave to WSBK in Boston which is also a former UPN station, although there the logo is a white circle  and number ’38’ inside of an orange circle

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  1. MNTV no longer being a bona fide television network and now just a kind of syndicated programming block, WBFS may be considered technically an independent station…? Perhaps CBS rebranded the station to reflect this. Either that or this is a hint that they might just simply drop MNTV altogether.

  2. What a laugh!
    WBFS and WFOR are constantly rearranging the deck chairs on those sinking ships!
    They never learn.


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