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WPLG Adds Newscast To Weekends


More local news must be good for WPLG. The station has added a 5:30am newscast to their Saturday and Sunday morning schedule bringing the total to six and a half hours of early morning local news on weekends.

Surprisingly, except for WSVN which has morning news only on Saturdays, the other stations in town have no weekend morning newscasts, unless the fluff network shows count. Although WFOR does have their ‘News and Views With Elliott Rodriguez’ on Saturdays at 10am for an hour.

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  1. I’m surprised that WSVN likes to poke fun at “cuts” but they don’t have a Sunday morning newscast. Maybe they need to expand rather than ignore.

  2. It makes sense for WSVN to add. Besides they are the best in town and I’m surprised they haven’t wanted to compete against WPLG. I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing more of LuAnne and Vivian.

  3. Yes it does ALEX

    I would also like to see the ladies more on the weekend and especially VIVIAN’S fabulous SHOES !!!!

      • I agree. I think it was beige and Brown. LuAnne was smokin’ in purple. They got to have another show. They are great talent.

  4. Yes Alex and Diego…
    I would love to see Vivian more. She keeps getting better and better. I love Luanne too. WSVN definitely needs a Sunday morning show. I am surprised they haven’t done this yet.

  5. Luanne and Vivian make a nice and refreshing team in the morning on Saturdays. Vivian does a great job with the weather and giving us the latest on the tropics, and its nice that they show her about 4-5 times within the one hour newcast. Luanne delivers the news in a light hearted but professional and refreshing way, keep it up gals!


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