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WPLG Shuffles Anchors; Calvin Hughes to Evenings


Hey remember how last year former WPLG anchor Charles Perez first got pushed to weekends, but then they fired him as he talked a lot to the media about it all, even adding allegations that station management wasn’t comfortable with him becoming so openly gay? And then Bill Pohovey the news director said it’s all bull crap, the changes are for economic reasons and the plan was to have Laurie Jennings anchor by herself.

Yeah, well plans have changed. Morning anchor Calvin Hughes appears to have been plucked out of the early morning doldrums and put on the 6pm and 11pm newscasts, right next to Laurie Jennings! And allegedly for now a new man is being brought in that will sit next to Kristi Krueger, in the morning.

We noticed this morning Jacey Birch anchoring alongside Kristi so who knows


  1. Speaking of Charles Perez, what happened to that gay discrimination lawsuit he was threatening?

    Seems to me if he suffered such a great injustice at the evil hands of WPLG then he would be fighting that lawsuit today.

  2. I also notice on CH.6 that Kevin Corke is now anchoring the 6PM news with Jackie Nespral. I don’t understand why CH.6 is always copying CH.10? Remember about twenty years ago Dwight Lauderdale on WPLG and Tom Randles on WTVJ.I hope CH.6 brings back Kelly or some male person to replace Bob. Its just too many woman on Ch.6 and I don’t watch South Florida Today anymore because it’s boring.

    • What’s interesting….Kevin could actually be okay…new haircut, makeup that doesn’t ashen his complexion and new wardorbe…he could be a lil more convincing he is a mainstream anchor….in short, currently he looks like a walking corpse….seriously, NBC, was that the best talent you could find from the pool of available black male anchors…jeeeeez…c’mon already! Kevin looks like a general assignment reporter who’s time on camera is coming to an end.
      And would everyone puh-leeeeze stop with the we want Kelly back campaign! I agree whole heartedly….she was good! But face it she is gone! NOT COMING BACK……..EULOGIZE HER ALREADY!

  3. NBC Miami…… I don’t think WTVJ is trying to copy anyone, just trying to get out of the basement of the evening news ratings. My advice to them, get rid of Jackie. I remember when they had Julia and Joel at 6pm…….their ratings went up. Jackie seems to be the Sally Fitz of their station. I personally think Calvin is not quite ready for prime time, not yet at least.

  4. It bothers the crap out of me when someone says that a talent isn’t ready….in all honesty to carry a morning show from 5am to 10am, with no hiccups…qualifies anyone to be ready to carry a 6pm and 11pm newscast….futhermore, for entertainment purposes only, qualify your thought process…why do you think it is premature to put Calvin at six and eleven? Its not like there is a pool of interesting talent to pull from. SFLTV….what’s going on? This was the place to get the goings on before the public actually noticed….you set the bar….get back to it.

  5. I think Calvin Hughes is better than Kevin Corke. I agree they need to get rid of Jackie Nespral. I wish Joel and Julia could have stayed they were good together and I miss both of them 🙁

  6. Oh gawd! I really dislike Mr. Hughes, he’s a crappy decision.
    As for WTVJ, they’v been having Kevin Corke on the evening news way before WPLG had the idea of pairing Calvin with Laurie. I actually really like Kevin.

  7. I actually like Calvin. Such and a pleasure guy and his delivery is good. It seems to me his only intent is to delivery the news and not to be caught up with himself

  8. It’s a weak attempt to compete with Craig Stevens over at WSVN. It’s not going to work. Stevens is the class of the market.

  9. I like Calvin but not for Laurie. It’s not a plus or minus. It’s more like a ..who cares. He doesn’t add or subtract to the newscast. Laurie is a respected journalist who has worked this market for years. She could carry both 6 & 11 on her lonesome and still beat out competition. Plus she has really been an asset to their branding that “local 10 cares”. People love her style because she’s the same caring person off camera. Cal is good but he hasn’t been in Sofla long enough to grow on the viewers and gain respect in the community. Their trying to paint him over Dwight but it’s premature.

  10. To the writers of this blog: 10 knew he was gay when they hired and promoted him. His lifestyle and relationships brought negative light to the station. WPLG has a large conservative audience. When word spread, rating drooped drastically. Then he went and blabbed about his demotion which was a perfect way to cut his ass legally within the confines of the contract. Belkeys,Craig,Charles, and Richard are all gay but they have since enough to keep their relations out of the limelight. Plus it helps that 7’s viewers largely swing liberal. Just thought I’d chime in on the slant that this post was written.

  11. Calvin Hughes rubs me the wrong way for some reason. He seems fake to me and not personable at all. I MISS DWIGHT! Anyway, Calvin’s makeup doesn’t look right, I can’t stand his haircut and his hair looks like it is dyed black. His personality doesn’t win me over either. I think Laurie and Charles were a great team, but Calvin and Laurie aren’t doing it for me.

    I agree about Jackie Nespral, but we have to remember that she is a huge staple in this community. Her absence may not sit well with a lot of viewers, but I would like to someone new as well.

  12. Calvin is awful. He is bland, boring and has about as much life as a sock. Laurie has energy and enthusiasm and he is just boring. Rob Schmitt is a much better choice and he shares Laurie’s enthusiasm. In my opinion a one person newscast is also a bad choice. It is all told from one opinion and not the way it should be. Why did they not after someone like Robb Hanrahan who was polished and professional. I believe he would have been a good complement to Laurie but he has been banished to Harrisburg.

  13. I believe the Bill P. and Charles P. situation had to do with sex.. It was a lovers quarrel between to gay men.. Bill P. isn’t out out of the closet, so he had to be careful of outing himself during this whole situation.

  14. Anyone else notice that since Kevin has joined Jackie that Jackie’s high size has increased to about 3 inches? Every pair of shoes she wears on the air has the same heel height. Do you think she’s trying to prove something or is it just insecurity?

  15. Calvin has anchored in Dallas, Philadelphia and Atlanta. He’s beyond ready. Also, how’s that economic excuse for a single anchor team worked out for Ch. 10?


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