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WSVN Introduces Video Biographies on WSVN.com


That’s right! WSVN being the first in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market to do this. They are now introducing video biographies of some of their TV personality. The four main anchors on channel 7, which are Belkys Nerey, Craig Stevens, Lynn Martinez, and Charles Billi, are the ones with video bios. In these bios, they are asked questions such as “How did you get your big break?” or “What was your first job?” and other questions along those lines. They throw in some cute and funny questions into each video bio. Go check them out at WSVN.com, click news team, and click on those four anchors, or you can click here.

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  1. Let me guess, they use words like Looney Lynn, Bombing Belky, Cuddley Craig, Stomping Steve………got to keep those letters the same for their low IQ viewers………..

  2. You guys are too funny. Jealous much? Actually, it’s pretty interesting instead of the same boring drivel that is usually written in mini-bios.


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